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Will all unionized employees honour the picket line? What services can I expect to be available during a strike? How will I get to campus?

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Can I continue to do my research if there is a strike? How will job action affect my classes? How will job action affect graduate students and other employees?

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How will job action affect my classes? How will job action affect services on campus? How will job action affect students who work on campus?

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Job action information

As you may know, Components 1 and 2 of CUPE local 4163 are taking a strike vote.

Components 1 and 2 of CUPE 4163 bargain together and, depending on the time of year, can represent as many as 1,600 employees comprised of two distinct groups:

  1. Up to 1,400 Teaching Assistants—mostly graduate students who support the delivery of credit courses (Component 1). 
  2. More than 100 English Language Instructors in our Continuing Studies Division who support the delivery of non-credit English language courses (Component 2).  

This local has also recently certified a small group of about 80 Community Leaders. Community leaders are student-staff members who act as the primary resource for students living in residence and are trained in peer helping, conflict mediation and resolution, crisis intervention, event planning, and more. 

Essential services

At this time, the union will not be in a legal strike position until essential facilities and services have been designated by the BC Labour Relations Board and the unions provide 72 hours strike notice.  

However, we remain confident that the Economic Stability Mandate will provide a basis for a renewed and reasonable collective agreement, just as it has done for all of our other unions and employees on campus and the more than 250,000 public sector employees who are covered by ratified and tentative agreements negotiated under the Economic Stability Mandate.

While it continues to be the university's desire to reach a negotiated settlement at the earliest opportunity, this website is intended to provide you with the best available information about the status of any job action, its impact on the university, and provide appropriate advice and guidance for the public, students, staff, faculty and librarians.   

In the event of job action

In the event of a strike or job action, it is the university's intention to take every reasonable measure to remain open for our students. While certain student services may be reduced or temporarily suspended in the event of a strike, we will endeavor to maintain instruction in all on-campus and online courses, provide access to core library services and information systems, and oversee scheduled exams.

Instructors will continue to be responsible for managing course requirements and teaching and students will continue to be responsible for fulfilling course requirements.

More information

This website will remain in place and continue to provide negotiation updates until collective bargaining has been successfully concluded.

For accurate information and background on negotiations between the university and this local, please visit our bargaining information site.