Program directors

Dr. Janni Aragon

Director/adviser for technology and society
Political Science
Dr. Janni Aragon is an Academic Administrator with 19 years of teaching experience.
Dr. Emile Fromet de Rosnay

Director/adviser for cultural social and political thought (CSPT)
It is in the nature of disciplines to always deviate from themselves according to the pressures exerted by unexpected questions, angles and perspectives that challenge their constitutive methods. One might not feel fully at home in a department, but this can be a good thing. The students and faculty of CSPT together generate spaces of research tht take this seriously in an effort to develop individual approaches to writing outside of a discipline whilst maintaining fidelity to its research questions. Indeed, the program works from the position that theory itself—whatever else it may mean—necessitates such activity.
Office: Clearihue Building C228
Margo Matwychuk

Director/adviser for social justice studies

Margo Matwychuk is a social cultural anthropologist with a long standing interest in issues of social justice, inequality, power, poverty, and activism in Canada and Latin America.

Office: Cornett B210
Dr. Elena Pnevmonidou

Director/adviser for european studies
German and Slavic studies

Dr. Elena Pnevmonidou is Director/Advisor of the European Studies program and an associate professor in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies.

Office: Clearihue D256
Bruce Ravelli

Office of Interdiciplinary Academic Programs

Bruce Ravelli is a Teaching Professor in the Department of Sociology and Director of the Office of Interdisciplinary Academic Programs.

Office: COR A357
Charlotte Loppie

Director/adviser for Social Dimensions of Health and Health and Society
Public Health and Social Policy
Office: HSD B202
Jamie Lawson

Director of Human Dimesnsions of Climate Change
Political Science
Office: DTB A346
Marlea Clarke

Director - Global Development Studies
Political Science
Office: DTB A344