Technology and society

Technology and Society is an interdisciplinary Minor program that allows you to explore the impacts of technology on your personal life and on society as a whole. Are you interested in video games and other digital arts? Do you like to think about the power of social media, crowdsourcing technologies and digital surveillance? Are you fascinated by the intersections between health and technology? Do you wonder about the future of virtual reality, nanotechnology or artificial intelligence?

Technology is fundamentally altering the social worlds in which we live and work. It is creating a digital culture that emphasizes the power of connectivity, and how new and innovative ways of adapting knowledge to this technologically informed world is a critical skill.

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Technology and Society provides you with the opportunities to engage critically and creatively in the exploration and understanding of rapid technological change in our wired and wireless global village. It will position you on the cutting edge of innovative educational spaces that explore the real world of technological change. This minor program can complement many different program majors. We welcome students from a variety of disciplinary fields.

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