What are interdisciplinary programs?

We like to cross boundaries and think outside the box.

We put diverse courses and learning experiences together in unique ways—outside of traditional departments and faculties. So you can have a rich and diverse learning experience.

All interdisciplinary programs draw from at least two disciplines; like Humanities and Fine Arts. Or Social Sciences and Education.

If you are interested in an  individual interdisciplinary (INTD) degree program that would allow you to create your own academic program by combining interests in different fields of study, the INTD graduate adviser in Graduate Studies will be your key contact. Be sure to contact them at before you start the process of applying for an INTD graduate program.

Working with co-supervisors in at least two different academic units, you follow an individual program tailored to your own interests and designed in consultation with your supervisory committee.

More information can be found in the current INTD Graduate Student Handbook.