Other interdisciplinary programs

These programs involve the process of integrating knowledge, skills, data, ideas and insights from different domains of knowledge to examine a phenomenon that lies beyond the purview of a single area of knowledge and/or specific disciplines. Interdisciplinary research may also involve integrating research approaches from different domains or disciplines. The form of interdisciplinary graduate studies varies. Some programs focus on bringing two or more discrete disciplines together to address a research question. Other programs may focus on an interdisciplinary phenomenon or area of research that requires interdisciplinary knowledge development. The questions raised and explored by interdisciplinary research may lead to expanded knowledge about a phenomenon as well as new perspectives and/or areas of investigation for the disciplines themselves.

An individual interdisciplinary (INTD) degree program allows you to create your own academic program by combining interests in different fields of study.

Working with co-supervisors in at least two different academic units, you follow an individual program tailored to your own interests and designed in consultation with your supervisory committee. Or you may undertake interdisplinary studies as part of a regular existing program that is interdisciplinary in nature.

To learn more about these programs and how to apply for them, visit the graduate studies interdisciplinary programs page.