Concentration in European Studies


The European Studies concentration is a specialization in European studies designed for students pursuing major and honours degrees in Political Science. This program allows students to immerse themselves in European politics, and to compare and contrast the Canadian and European systems.  Concentration students are also required to spend one term of study in Europe - a great way to experience their area of study first hand!

View the program requirements for Political Science major and honours degrees.

Concentration requirements:

  • POLI 211 (with a grade of at least B)
  • POLI 311 (with a grade of at least B)
  • 4.5 units of approved courses on European politics chosen from the following:
    • POLI 300A - Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
    • POLI 300B - Early Modern Political Thought
    • POLI 300C - Post Enlightenment Political Thought
    • POLI 319 - Issues in Comparative Politics
    • POLI 340 - International Studies
    • POLI 349 - Issues in International Politics
    • POLI 379 - Topics in Contemporary European Politics
    • POLI 414 - Politics in European Union (Seminar Course)
    • POLI 433 - Issues in Politics (Seminar Course)
    • A seminar in selected contemporary political issues
  • 6 units of courses on European history or culture, including at least 3 units at the 300 level or above, to be approved by the Director of European Studies
  • 6.0 units of courses in modern European Language
  • Either A or B:
A) One of the following:
-EUS 390;
-A minimum of 1.5 transferrable credits from a European university obtained through a UVic International Exchange Program;
-A minimum of 1.5 transferrable credits from a European university through a Letter of Permission;
-A minimum one co-op work term in a European Country through the Social Sciences Co-operative Education Program.


Interested students should make an appointment with the Political Science undergraduate advisor.