European Studies

EUS 490: "Europe's North American Heritage"

What does the history and cultures of European identities have to do with us, here and now, as we face the challenges of our North American present?

Check out our Special Topics course EUS 490 taught by Nina Belmonte, Term 1 2019 Mondays 4:30-7:20 CRN 11655

Student Workshop Canadian Border Policies in Comparative Perspectives 

Apply by June 30th for the chance to present and workshop your research on one of three border and immigration topics with other students, scholars, experts, and officials. $250 honorariums for participation will be awarded, as well as $1000 for best research paper.

EURAXESS Research Grants

Take a look at European Funding Opportunities for Students, Postdocs and Researchers of All Nationalities


Register for EUS 100: Term 1 2019, W, 2:30-5:20 pm

Learn about the most pressing issues in European Studies, as well as the continent's rich and varied history in this interdisciplinary course.

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West Coast Model EU Summit

Congratulations to UVic's 2019 delegation, who represtened Poland and Finaland at the West Coast Model EU, and took home an honourable mention!

Applications open on September 4th, 2019. 

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Looking to enrich your UVic degree?

Did you know that UVic offers a MINOR IN EUROPEAN STUDIES?

EUS 100, EUS 200 and EUS 300 are the Minor's core corses, and can also be used toward a Concentration in European Studies, if you're a POLI student.

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Welcome to the European Studies Program!

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You can gain European Studies knowledge and credits in the following ways:

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EUS students have access to the following travel/learning opportunities each year:

Events and Outreach

The EUS program at UVic hosts events to further awareness and understanding of the EU, and is the recipient of several EU grants. 

With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Unionimage

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