Upcoming talk by Dr. David Cecchetto

This Friday February 28th, 3:30-5:00pm in DSB C126, CSPT is proud to present a talk by Dr. David Cecchetto (York), "Listening, Computation, and the Afterlives of Data."

Prof. Cecchetto will present key arguments and examples from Listening in the Afterlife of Data, his forthcoming book with Duke University Press. The “afterlife of data” names a cultural moment in which data’s hegemony persists even in the absence of any necessary belief in data per se. Cecchetto will consider this through the lens of communications theory, understanding data as the latest in a long line of concepts that are at once constitutive of communication and suggestive of its limit. He adopts “listening”—critically contextualized and pragmatically elaborated—as a means of staying with the strange textures of this duality, especially those that are specific to computation The stakes of this are not only to demonstrate the ways that data is never quite what it seems, but moreover to attend to the strange excesses the appearances of data produce in contemporary technoculture.

David Cecchetto is Associate Professor of Critical Digital Theory in the Department of Humanities at York University (Toronto), where he is also affiliated with several Graduate Programs. He is Vice-President of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, and co-organizes the annual Tuning Speculation meetings as a member of The Occulture.

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