Graduate Student Conference

It is in the spirit of the Cultural, Social and Political Thought (CSPT) program’s 25th anniversary that we would like to reflect and challenge, once again, thinking as a way of life in a 21st century context. Since 1989, participants in the CSPT program have critically engaged with, and sought creative intellectual alternatives to, contemporary manifestations of power across an array of problematics and political sites. In response to dominant regimes of disciplinary knowledge production, the CSPT community has been committed to an inter-, multi-, and anti-disciplinary style of thinking that allows for the cross-pollination of ideas between communities of knowledge. As such, it has fostered an academic environment dedicated to thinking (at) the limits of traditional frames of analysis, sites of study, and hierarchical epistemes. It is through this practice of thinking that CSPT’s critical potential lies, and through which it hopes to offer a contribution to emancipatory politics.

2014 CSPT Graduate Conference