Conference 2020 - The Alterity of Affliction / Afflictions of Alterity

This year's CSPT Graduate Conference will explore the theme, 'The Alterity of Affliction / Afflictions of Alterity'. Details below.

University of Victoria (British Columbia), May 22-24, 2020
Keynote speaker: Cindy Baker

This conference seeks to facilitate an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary discussion about the limitations and new horizons of discourse on pain. How do we come to know and recognize pain in the other? In the self? And, how might we reconstruct what is lost after pain?

We invite research and artistic submissions in the areas including but not limited to indigenous studies, critical black feminism, philosophy, theory, geography, anthropology, sociology, gender studies, cultural studies, literary studies, and history.

Please find CFP and submission guidelines on the conference website,
Deadline to submit is Extended to March 31, 2020.

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