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2024 CSPT Conference Call for Papers

We invite submissions from both the Humanities and Social Sciences, including but not limited to Indigenous studies, philosophy, theory, geography, anthropology, sociology, french and francophone studies, gender studies, cultural studies, literary studies, and history, in addition to visual artists who work within these topics. In an interest to support senior undergrad students, exceptional undergraduate work is also welcom to support students on their way into higher academia. We seek to assemble a diverse group of scholars, artists, and activists, in order to foster interdisciplinary discussions through artworks and presentations that are approximately 15 to 18 minutes in length. Potential themes and topics may include (but are not limited to): Decolonizing ontology Feminist and matrifocal perspectives Holistic stewardship Intersectional pedagogy Transformative politics Epistemological ruptures Cultural collisions Fluidity of spaces Embodied knowledge Unsettling narratives Multivocality Biocultural diversity conservation Artists can indicate if they also want to give a 15 to 18 minutes talk on their work, though this is not mandatory for participation. Submit your abstracts here: