Research Reels video showcase

Student filming in a lab with her phone

Tell us your research stories

Make a short video capturing the amazing research and creative activity taking place at UVic!

  • Two divisions: Social Media (less than 1 minute), or Feature (1-3 minutes)
  • Top prize of $1,250 in the Feature division
  • $4,000 total prize money
  • Deadline: Feb. 20, 2019
  • Finalists' videos are screened in front of an audience during Ideafest, March 5, 2019
  • Smart phone videos encouraged
  • You're not limited by equipment or experience—everyone is welcome to contribute

  • Maximum file size is 200 MB
  • You'll be asked to submit a short description of your video (600 character limit)
  • Please be patient while your file uploads

Video tips

See more videos from the Research Reels tips playlist on YouTube.


What kind of videos are you looking for?

Our blog post How to make a great video covers filming basics and how to increase your chance of winning a prize.

Here's what the judges are looking for:

  • Flow & coherency: storyline or events are well planned and flow smoothly. Video is cohesive and effective in its goal.
  • UVic Edge: clear explanation of why the research matters. Relevant inclusion of dynamic learning, which blends research-inspired teaching with hands-on experience. Highlight any collaborations or partnerships.
  • Creativity: video is presented with creativity, originality and enthusiasm.
  • Technical merit: varying/effective camera angles/lighting techniques. Editing thorough and tight. Transitions/titling flows with story. Effective use of both sound effects and/or music to topic. Voices clear and sharp. Volume levels/audio mix controlled.
  • Overall impact: video clearly tells the UVic research story with enthusiasm and impact. Evokes appropriate response from viewer.

What are the two categories?

You have a choice between two categories:

  1. Social Media: under 60 seconds with overlaid text and no audio (music is okay)
  2. Feature: 1-3 minutes with audio (voice and/or music)

Who can enter?

This contest is open to current UVic students, staff, faculty and alumni.

Can groups enter?

Yes, you can team up with your friends/colleagues to create the video, providing each individual is eligible for the contest. See contest rule 5.

Can I hire someone to shoot or edit my video?

The video footage must be created by a current UVic student, staff, faculty member or alumna/alumnus.

Can I use commercial music?

Any video using commercial music will be disqualified unless you've got permission or paid a royalty fee. You may use Creative Commons music providing the authors are correctly attributed. Learn about royalty free music.

Do I need release forms from people featured in my video?

If you’re using the footage in promotional material you’ll need to get proof of permission from each person in the video. See contest rule 9.

I don't have access to professional equipment. Can I use my smart phone?

Yes! We encourage videos from all sources. Keep in mind that technical merit is only a portion of what the judges are looking for. Storytelling, editing and how you tell the UVic story are also important. See How to make a great video.

Can I enter a video I’ve already made?

Yes, providing it meets all criteria.

What are you doing with these videos?

We’ll show off the great research that’s happening at UVic, as well as the amazing talent of our students, staff, faculty and alumni. We’ll be screening the finalists at a special Ideafest event, sharing strong videos on social media, showcasing them on our YouTube channels and on various UVic websites, and we may use the best clips in future UVic promotional videos.

I'm not directly involved in research... how do I contribute?

You can tell a story about research or creative activity at UVic (either on or off campus), even if you’re not involved in it yourself. Did you hear about an interesting project in your class? Or from a staff colleague? Perhaps approach your professor or instructor and ask to tell his or her story. Remember, we’re looking for videos that show vital impact—what we do here at UVic and why it matters.

What topics are eligible?

Any current research or creative activity that’s happening at UVic, on or off campus, is eligible. As long as the video shows vital impact—what we do here and why it matters—it qualifies.

Can I borrow cameras and computers?

There are cameras and computer workstations available in the media commons at the library. Priority is given to students. See the full list of equipment. Staff and faculty may also rent equipment from University Systems.

View contest rules and details.