Ideafest 2019

Living in the margins of higher education


University Centre (UVC)A180

March 7

5:00pm – 7:00pm

Living in the margins of higher education

Diversity is a big topic in Canada. Different institutions, including universities, work towards being inclusive of minorities based on race, sexual orientation, disabilities and gender. Yet a key diversity area is often left out of conversations and policies: social class. Students and professors from poverty- and working-class backgrounds often remain an invisible minority, living in the margins of higher education. This event will showcase the voices and stories of such individuals through discussion, video and performance.

Host: Sarah Potts, Victoria City Councillor

Presenters include: Colette Smart (Department of Psychology), Elaine Laberge (Department of Sociology), Catherine Léger (Department of French), Lisa Ordell (Interdisciplinary studies), Suzanne Urbanczyk (Department of Linguistics) and Jamie Dopp (Department of English)

Organised by: Department of Psychology