Ideafest 2019

Reimagining justice: Art, law and social change

Reimagining justice: Art, law and social change

This feature event launches a week-long exhibition with a series of short presentations and performances. These presentations will include:

  • Law and theatre: local theatre director Kate Rubin and professional actor (and lawyer) Chris Mackie on the relationship between law and theatre, particularly William Head on Stage (WHoS) and Lawyers on Stage Theatre (LOST) productions.
  • Law and dance: UVic Law students, including Kristen Lewis, showcasing an improvised dance exploring the relationship between written and unwritten laws/norms facilitated by Professor Sara Ramshaw.
  • Law, art and pedagogy: Faculty of Law professors, including Rebecca Johnson and Gillian Calder, discussing the use of arts-based pedagogies in their teaching and assessment.
  • Indigenous law and the arts: The Testify project (Legacy Gallery) on the collaboration between academics and artists in Indigenous Law, including Sarah Morales.
This dynamic and interactive session aims to challenge audiences to think about how attentive listening and embodied practices might help us create new “laws,” as we navigate our way to a more just and equitable future.

Organised by: Faculty of Law