Faculty research

Dr. Jordan Stranger-Ross (History) is the project director of the Landscapes of Injustice research project which explores the forced dispossession of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War. Photo: Kaitlin Findlay

Our faculty members are world class researchers. They can be found digging Greek ruins in Jordan, studying property relations in Vancouver’s lower eastside, figuring out where the English spoken in Victoria comes from, producing films about Indigenous women, creating digital maps of early modern London, pondering the ethics of international law, and tracing why some books published in the 16th century still find an audience today. Much of the research is funded by external grants and we are proud to claim that we have a high success rate in attracting research money. Our faculty are passionate about knowledge and bring this passion to their research.

Faces of UVic research

Find out more about the research in the faculty by viewing the following videos. Faculty talk about their work in everyday language and quickly get to the heart of what they do and why it matters.

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