Dr. Margaret Anne Cameron

Dr. Margaret Anne Cameron
Associate Dean Research - Humanities
Office: CLE C306

Currently I am the Canada Research Council Chair in the Aristotelian Tradition (Tier II) and an associate professor in the department of philosophy at the University of Victoria.

I work in the Aristotelian tradition of logic and philosophy of language, as well as the history of the philosophy of language more broadly. I have published articles in The Cambridge Companion to BoethiusThe Oxford Handbook of Medieval PhilosophyVivariumHistory of Philosophy Quarterly,American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, and the Archives d’histoire doctrinale du moyen âge grec et latin, as well as in a number of other book publications. 

From 2006-2008 I was a Research Fellow at Cambridge University where I co-hosted a number of international conferences on Aristotelian logic in Latin, Greek and Arabic traditions, on the basis of which I (with John Marenbon) published a special topics volume entitled Aristotle, language and the theory of argument, east and west, 500-1500: the medieval tradition of On Interpretation and the Prior Analytics, in Vivarium: An International Journal for the Philosophy and Intellectual Life of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, 48/1-2 (2010), as well as Methods and methodologies: Aristotelian logic east and west 500-1500 (Brill Publishers, 2010). Currently under contract with Oxford University Press is Linguistic Content: New Essays on the History of the Philosophy of Language, which I am co-editing (with Robert Stainton) and to which I am contributing. Our goal is to bring the diverse and important history of philosophy of language to the attention of philosophers in order to contribute to and enrich the current field of research. 

I am also currently mounting a digital project: Dialectica – The Aristotelian Logical Tradition (on-line in August 2012). In light of the recent, and very exciting, advent of the massive uploading of digitized library collections, the aim of this project is to create a digital portal to the Aristotelian logical tradition in the medieval, renaissance and early modern periods, with links to the uploaded digital materials and secondary source materials. My goal is to create a virtual presence and research tool for the vast and important Aristotelian logical tradition, organized according to each of the logical texts (including Porphyry’s Isagoge and the Liber de sex principiis) that formed the Organon. I am also creating a sourcebook for the study of the history of the philosophy of language:History of the Philosophy of Language - Sources (on-line April 2012). 

Last year I was awarded a SSHRC research grant to complete a monograph on the history of Aristotelian philosophy of language, to be called On interpretation: the fate of a passage.