Yasuko France

Yasuko France
Assistant Teaching Professor
Pacific and Asian Studies
Office: CLE C210
Area of expertise

Teaching Japanese as a second language; Japanese culture


MEd, University of Massachusetts

Research Interests
  • Teaching Japanese as a second language
  • Japanese culture

Yasuko France received her BA at Tokyo University in Applied Sociology and her M.Ed. at the University of Massachusetts in Education, with a focus on teaching Japanese as a second language. She taught at the University of Massachusetts, at the Manitoba Japanese-Canadian Cultural Association in Winnipeg, and at Parkland Secondary School in Sidney, BC. She was on the Ministry of Education’s Japanese Curriculum Committee for Grades 4-7 from 1988-1991 and produced the Ministry’s Curriculum Guide for Grades 9-10 and a section in the Japanese Resource Book for beginning and intermediate-level students of Japanese. She has been teaching at UVic for thirty years, and is currently Senior Instructor of Japanese.
Yasuko's principal interests are teaching Japanese as a second language, and Japanese culture. She is interested in Japanese historical novels from the Kamakura to Edo periods. She is also licensed to teach Sadoo (Tea Ceremony) from Omote Senke, Kadoo (Flower Arrangement) from Seifuuheika, and Nichibu (Japanese Traditional Dance) from Bankdoo school.

PAAS 130:  Introductory Japanese: I
PAAS 131:  Introductory Japanese: II
PAAS 230:  Intermediate Japanese: I