2017 BC Chinese Bridge Mandarin Singing Contest

2017 BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Singing Contest

1.      Time and Location for Preliminary Round:

University of Victoria (3:30pm on Friday Oct. 20th at MAC A144)

Please note that all contestants have to be present for audition. Any group with fewer than 4 vocalists will be disqualified for group competition. 

2.       Time and Location for Final Round

Time: November 4th, 2017

Location: TBA

3.       Registration

-        Online registration http://www.confuciusbcit.com

-        Registration opens on September 22th, 2017

-        Registration deadline: 23:59 of October 16th, 2017.

-        Registration fee: $5.00 for solo and duet performances;  $10.00 for a group of four to twelve vocalists.


1)   Solo and duet are entitled to compete for the First, Second and Third Prize in addition to five other awards including Best Stage Appearance Award, Highest Popularity Award, Best Pronunciation Award, Best Chinese Style Award and Best Costumes and Best Creativity Award respectively.

2)  Group of four vocalists and up to a maximum of twelve vocalists are entitled to compete for the Group Singing First-Place, Second-Place and Third-Place Prize, under the condition that there should be at least three groups qualified for the final round of the contest.

5.      Evaluation Criteria

1)      Accuracy in Mandarin Pronunciation and Articulation:   35%.

2)      Breath Control and Quality of Voice:                           30%

3)      Precision in Pitch and Rhythm:                                   15%.

4)      Level of Difficulty and Artistic Merit:                           10%.

5)      Stage Manners and Artistic Creativity:                        10%.

6.      Prizes:

First Prize:      1 Candidate - CAN$300 cash

Second Prize: 2 Candidates - CAN$200 cash

Third Prize:     3 Candidates - CAN$100 cash

Group Singing First-Place Prize:     1 Group - CAN$300 cash

Group Singing Second-Place Prize: up to 2 Groups - CAN$200 cash

Group Singing Third-Place Prize:    up to 3 Groups - CAN$100 cash

Other awards are:

Best Stage Appearance - CAN$50 cash

Highest Popularity Award - CAN$50 cash

Best Pronunciation Award - CAN$50 cash

Best Chinese Style Award - CAN$50 cash

Best Creativity Award - CAN$50 cash

For any enquiries regarding the contest, please consult your Chinese instructor or contact Luna Liang at 604-412-7690 or email chinesebridge@confuciusbcit.com.