Dr. Adrienne Williams Boyarin

Dr. Adrienne Williams Boyarin
Associate Professor

BA and PhD (UC Berkeley)

Office: CLE C308

Adrienne Williams Boyarin received her Ph.D. in English and Medieval Studies from the University of California, Berkeley in 2006 and joined the UVic faculty in the same year. She specializes in medieval English literature and culture. Her research and teaching focus on early Middle English, religion and literature, Christian-Jewish polemics, and writing about women (particularly holy women and Marian texts).

Courses taught for English and the Medieval Studies Program include: ENGL 147 (Intro. to Literary Traditions), ENGL 200A (English Lit. to 1660), ENGL 337 (Medieval British Lit. in Translation), ENGL 342 (Early Middle English), ENGL 472 (Gender Issues in Lit.: Gender and Sanctity in the Middle Ages), ENGL 500 (Intro. to Textual Studies and Research Methods), ENGL 515 (Chaucer), ENGL 515 (Writing Women in Medieval England), ENGL 516 (Anti-Jewish Discourse in Medieval England), MEDI 210 (Voices from the Middle Ages: The First Crusade), and MEDI 360 (Virgins and Whores: Female Bodies in Medieval Legend).