PhD's and Post Docs

Post Doctoral Students:

Yasmin Railton

Museum Exhibit cluster Postdoc Fellow

Landscapes of Injustice is pleased to introduce: Dr. Yasmin Amaratunga Railton as the postdoctoral curatorial fellow in the museum exhibit cluster for Landscapes of Injustice. Yasmin's work supports the development of the LOI museum exhibit, and is the recipient of a Mitacs Elevate Award, which will provide her with postdoctoral fellowship funding for a 2-year period.​​​ She holds an honours BA in Art History, an MA in Art Business, and a PhD in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK. She has over ten years' experience in major art institutions and auction houses in London, UK. Bridging history, art history, critical theory, and conservation, her interdisciplinary research focuses on the ephemerality of contemporary art. She has lectured extensively internationally in English and French.

PhD students:

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Kempling, James
Dissertation title: “A City Goes to War”
Advisor: Zimmerman, David

Kuo, Yen-Kuang
Dissertation title: "Versions of History: The February 28th Incident in Taiwan, 1947"
Advisor: Chen, Zhongping

Legassie, Joel
Dissertation title: "Knowing the North Country: Orders of Information in Modern Hokkaido, Japan, 1869-1941”
Advisor: Price, John

Lyall, Gordon
Dissertation title: TBA
Advisor: Colby, Jason

Mackay, Theresa
Dissertation title: TBA
Advisor: Vibert, Elizabeth

Osborne, Carla
Dissertation title: “We Know Where We Are”: The Role of Place in Indigenous Historiography By Haudenosaunee and Northwest Métis Historians
Advisors: O'Bonsawin, Christine; Cook, Peter

Vogt, David
Dissertation title: “In the Best Interest of the Indians”: An Ethnohistory of the Canadian Department of Indian Affairs, 1896-1913
Advisor: Lutz, John

Zhou, Kefen
Dissertation title: “Mission to Modernize: The Contributions of Canadian Missionaries in China.”
Advisors: Blue, Greg; Marks, Lynne