Recent graduates

PhD and MA degrees completed 2001 - present


Bradley, Patrick MA “Average mail…Lots of routine”: Arthur Wellsley Vowell and the Administration Of Indian Affairs in British Columbia 1889-1910 John Lutz
Chapco, Stephen MA "Traitors, Harlots and Monsters: The Anti-Aristocratic Caricatures of the French Revolution" Jill Walshaw

Fitzgerald, Mickey


"The Rise and Demise of J. H. Todd and Sons, British Columbia's Enduring Independent Salmon Canners"

John Lutz
Hughes, Emma MA "'A perfect catalogue of all the Rarities': Nehemiah Grew’s Musæum Regalis Societatis and Cataloguing Culture in late Seventeenth-Century England" Andrea McKenzie

McKee, Taylor

MA " Sport, Not Savagery: Resistance to Hockey Violence in BC Media, 1875-1911" Christine O'Bonsawin

Trainor, Janet

MA "The Personal and the Political: Canadian Lesbian Oral Histories, 1970-2010" Lynne Marks/Annalee Lepp

Bajric, Whitney


On Experiencing Place: A Biography of a Stó:lõ Family’s Fishing Site in the Fraser River Canyon in British Columbia John Lutz

Brown, Sean


"Homosexual Organizations, and Identity formation in Weimar Germany" Tom Saunders
Harry, Deryck MRP "Redefining Treason in the Seventeenth Century: the Trials of Thomas Wentworth the Earl of Strafford, and William Howard the Viscount Stafford" Andrea McKenzie
Leriger de la Plante, Alexis MRP Identity! Nelvana and the Quest for Nationhood Penny Bryden
Park, Evan MRP "The Nationalist Fleet: Radical Nationalism and The Imperial German Navy before World War One" Perry Biddiscombe
Rzeplinski, Esther MRP “Although I’m just 12 I’m sure I could do a lot for you…”: Political Participation in Children’s Letters to Pierre Trudeau, March-May 1968 Jordan Stanger-Ross


Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Hilmy, Hanny PhD “Sovereignty, Peacekeeping, and the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF), Suez 1956-1967: Insiders’ Perspectives” Greg Blue
Thiessen, Wesley PhD "The Formation of the Mudawwana" Andrew Rippin
Cunliffe, Sydney


"British Imperialism and Tea Culture in Asia and North America, 1650-1950" Zhongping Chen
Gibbard, Judith MA "Instruments in God's Hands: American Protestant Attitudes to Suffering, 1908-1955"

Lynne Marks

Hamilton, Sheila MA "Panamanian Politics and Panama's Relationship with the United States Leading up to the Hull-Alfaro Treaty" Jason Colby
Karmel, Ezra MA "We Are All Jordan: The Dynamic Definition of "We" in the Hashemite Kingdom (The Effects of Identity Precariousness on the Participation of Palestinian-Jordanians)" Martin Bunton
Kier, Gregory MA "The Gumboot Navy: Securing or Sundering British Columbia" David Zimmerman
Rundans, Valdis MA "Tearing Apart the Bear and British Military Involvement in the Construction of Modern Latvia: A History Untold" Serhy Yekelchyk
Sawyer, Bonnie MA "A Critical History of Social Work, The Canadian Salvation Army, and Female Sexual "Deviance" in Canada, 1886-1940 " Lynne Marks
Kempling, Annelise MRP "Museums and the Future of Education: Best Practices for Developing and Facilitating Engaging Experiences with History for Children and Youth" John Lutz


Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Blanding, Lee PhD “Re-branding Canada: The Origins of Canadian Multiculturalism Policy, 1945-1974” Penny Bryden
Schoeber, Axel PhD “Gerard Roussel: An Irenic Religious Change Agent” Sara Beam
Burton-Vulovic, Nicholas MA "Contra-Dictory: Threat Perception and U.S. Policy toward Nicaragua, 1979-1990” Jason Colby
Chen, Dennis MA "The Western Perception of Empress Dowager Cixi" Zhongping Chen
Fidler, Lacy MA Newspaper Representations of Queen Victoria’s Agency During the Hastings Scandal and Bedchamber Crisis of 1839 Simon Devereaux
Guenette, Salam Ma "Franco-British Diplomatic Relations Transformed? The Socio-Political Impact of the Émigrés’ Presence in Britain” Rob Alexander
Lyall, Gordon MA "The Pig and the Postwar Dream: The San Juan Island Dispute, 1853-1872, in History and Memory” Eric Sager
Noddings, Timothy MA "What it Means to be Modern: A Messy History of Mass-Media Revivals in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 1875-1920” Rachel Cleves
Ruch, Julie MA "On Comradely Persuasion and the Discursive Practice of Soviet Thought, 1953-1958” Serhy Yekelchyk
Van Mulligen, Kiefer MA "Which Side (of the Border) Are You On? Nationalism, Ideology, and the Hegemonic Struggle of the Seattle and Winnipeg General Strikes of 1919” Eric Sager
Bedard, Ella MRP

“Bringing Home all that has Left”: The Skulkayn/Stalo Heritage Project and the Stó:lō Cultural Revival

John Lutz
Kennedy, Helen MRP “Fearsome Limbo”: The Media’s Characterization of Psychological Trauma during the Conflict in Kosovo, 1998-1999 Mitch Lewis-Hammond
Keresztesi, Orion MRP

“The Department of Indian Affairs Got a Hold of It”: Interpreting DIA Records and the Surrender of Scowlitz Indian Reserve One

John Lutz
Smith, Bryan MRP

Fusing Technological and Pedagogical Innovation – An Analysis of QR Codes as facilitators of Historical Thinking in Museums

John Lutz


Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Bridge, Kathryn PhD Being Young in the Country: Settler Children and Childhood in British Columbia and Alberta, 1860 - 1925 Lynne Marks
Chira-Pascanut, Constantin PhD “The Schuman Plan: Vision, Power and Persuasion” Oliver Schmidtke
Pasolli, Lisa PhD 'Talkin' Day Care Blues': Motherhood, Work, and Child Care in Twentieth-Century British Columbia Penny Bryden
Ainsley, Jill MA The Ordeal of Sarah Chesham Angus McLaren
Clemo, Elizabeth MA Professional Do-Gooding: British Women's Philanthropy in Colonial India, 1870 - 1900 Elizabeth Vibert
Forseille, Ashley MA 'Reading Between the Lines:' Religion, Courtship, and Correspondence in the Salvation Army, 1906 - 1910 Lynne Marks
Hill, Elina (CSPT) MA Indigenous Knowledge Practices: A Study in Decolonization Wendy Wickwire
Hoffman, Martin MA 'The Consequential Existence of Indigenous People': Zionist Settlement in 1920s Palestine Martin Bunton
Johnston, Joshua MA From Aestheticism to Naturalism: A Reassessment of Nietzsche's 'pstmodernist' Philosophy of History Thomas Saunders
Kempling, James MA Birth of a Regiment: Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, 1914-1919 David Zimmerman
Logan, Matthew MA "We Say All the Real Things.  And We Believe Them:" The Establishment of the United States Information Agency, 1953. Jason Colby
Madsen, Kim MA Guernsey Children and the Second World War Perry Biddiscombe
Richards, Tylor MA (Re-)Imagining Germanness: Victoria's Germans and the 1915 Lusitania Riot John Lutz
Richdale, Ryan MA West Coast Aerodromes: The Impact of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan on Delta and Abbotsford, British Columbia David Zimmerman
Sellers, Marki MA Wearing the Mantle on Both Shoulders': An Examination of the Development of Cultural Change, Mutual Accommodation, and Hybrid Forms at Fort Simpson/Laxtgu'alaams, 1834-1862 Lynne Marks/John Lutz
Souiedan, Racan MA 'The Duties of Neutrality': The Impact of the American Civil Was on British Columbia and Vancouver Island, 1861 - 1865 John Lutz
Clinton-Baker, Ben MRP Reverend C. M. Tate and the Campaign for “Indian Rights” in British Columbia, 1909-16 Wendy Wickwire
Conway, Rachel MRP "Reservations to Citizenship: The Voting Rights of Status Indians, 1950-1960" Penny Bryden
Craib, Patrick MRP Contacting the Coast: Rationalization and Flexibility in the BC Coastal Logging Industry, 1930 - 1990 Rick Rajala
Reid, Andrew MRP Not So Secret Societies: Fraternities and Masculine Identity in Victorian Victoria 1860-1890 Eric Sager


Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Eidinger, Andrea PhD What My Mother Taught Me: The Construction of Canadian Jewish Womanhood in Montreal, 1945-1980 Lynne Marks
Nantais, Simon PhD Koreans and the Politics of Nationality and Race During the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1945-1952 John Price
Reid, Heather (INTD) PhD The Story of  Asneth and its Literary Relations: The Bride of Christ Tradition in Late Medieval England Andrew Rippin / Kathryn Kerby-Fulton (Eng)
Bowe, Meghan MA Framing Memory: The Bombings of Dresden, Germany in Narrative, Discourse and Commemoration after 1945 Oliver Schmidtke
Charlie, Lianne MA History in all the Wrong Places: Twentieth-century British Columbia History from an Indigenous Perspective

Wendy Wickwire

Corbeil, Patrick MA A Godless Fable: Atheism and the Philosophy of Bernard Mandeville Paul Wood
Johnson, Carlee MA Remembering "the American Island of Oahu": Hawai`i Under Military Rule, 1941-1945 Jason Colby
Hough, Adam MA Musically Expressed Theology and the Golden Age of Martin Luther’s Reformation Mitch Lewis Hammond
Kuncewicx, Lisa MA “In this book there is nothing of ours”: Women’s Spiritual Biographies in Seventeenth-Century France Sara Beam
Miro, Jacopo MA Visions of False Creek: Urban Development and Industrial Decline in Vancouver, 1960-1980 Jordan Stanger-Ross
Timmons, Daniel (DJ) MA ’Evangelines of 1946’: The Exile of Nikkei from Canada to Occupied Japan John Price
Trewin, Meaghan MA Cuisine, Customs, and Character: Culinary Tradition and Innovation in Enlightenment France Sara Beam
Yeo, Walter MA William Dawbarn: A Victorian Life Mariel Grant
Copage, Caitlin MRP The Violence of Innocents: Children in the Wars of Religion in France Sara Beam
Gower, Katrina MRP Outcast and Ungrievable: A Historical Account of the Negation of Romani Civil Rights in Germany Oliver Schmidtke
MacLeod, Bryan MRP Something to Declare: Customs and Border Policy in Canada 1990 - 2011 Penny Bryden
O'Reilly, Liam MRP Missionaries and Women in Victoria’s Chinatown: The Establishment and Evolution of the Chinese Rescue Home, 1886-1900 Zhongping Chen
Rasmi, Adam MRP Colonialism, Cotton, Khedives and Cadastres: British Efforts to Survey the Lands of ‘Egypt,’ 1878-1907 Martin Bunton
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Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Gordon, Hugh PhD Cheers and Tears: Relations Between Canadian Soldiers and German Civilians, 1944-1946 David Zimmerman
Ayers, Amber MA  Introducing a Distinction Which Your Lordship Would Not Allow’: Official Debates on Agriculture Co-operatives as a Means of Dealing with Fellaheen Indebtedness in Palestine, 1929-1934 Martin Bunton
Chapman, Matthew MA The Evolution of Professional Aviation Culture in Canada: 1939-1945 David Zimmerman
Dove, Stephen MA The Reconstruction of Pharmacy Authority in British Columbia: 1965-1968 Mitch Lewis Hammond
Drury, Devon MA “ ’That Immense and Dangerous Sea’: Spanish Imperial Policy and Power During the Exploration  of the Salish Sea, 1790-1791 John Lutz
Erickson, Bailey MA Leave Your Men at Home:” Autonomy in the West German Women’s Movement, 1968-1978 Tom Saunders
Harrison, Stephen MA The Alternative Vote in British Columbia: Values Debates and Party Politics Penny Bryden
Horosko, Kendra MA Deliciously Detailed Narratives: The Use of Food in Stories of British War Lynne Marks
Hunfeld, Christa MA The Science of the Countenance”: Full-Bodied Physiognomy and the Cosmography of the Self in Seventeenth-Century England Andrea McKenzie
Jervis, Michael MA 'Finding' the Irish in British Columbia Using the 1881 Census of Canada Peter Baskerville
Morris, Samantha MA Mapping the Family Road Trip: The Automobile, the Family and Outdoor Recreation in Postwar British Columbia Rick Rajala
Ono-George, Meleisa MA The Planter’s Fictions: Identity, Intimacy and the Negotiation of Power in Colonial Jamaica Elizabeth Vibert
Robbins, Margaret MA Re-Imagining S’ólh Téméxw: Tunnel Narratives in a Stó:lõ Spiritual Geography John Lutz
Robitaille, Mathieu MA Redefining the Monarchiens: the Failure of Moderation in the French Revolution Rob Alexander
Adams, Neil MRP Maple Leaf Wonders’: the N.R.M.A. Service During the Second World War David Zimmerman
Fraser, Crystal MRP Cultural Perplexities: Non-Aboriginal Representations of Dene Women In the Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Elizabeth Vibert
Groves, Nick MRP For God, For Country and for Himself: the Representations of Masculinity in the Clubmen Movements in Worcestershire, Dorset and Wiltshire during the English Civil War Andrea McKenzie
Loveless, Cameron MRP Nazi Ideology, the German Christian Movement, and British Military Government Action against the Movement after 1945 Perry Biddiscombe
Matthewson, Amy MRP Sporty, Sexy and Sage: Visual Representations and Social Expectations of Urban Women in China's Late Republican Era Greg BLue
Wong, Joyce MRP (Un)Satisfying Stories: The Relationship between Narrative Form and Social Commentary in Weimar Historical Films Tom Saunders
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Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Balzer, Timothy PhD The Information Front: The Canadian Army, Public Relations, and War News during the Second World War David Zimmerman
Clayton, Jenny PhD Making Recreational Space: Citizen Involvement in Outdoor Recreation and Park Establishment in British Columbia, 1900-2000 Pat Roy / Lorne Hammond
Dubord, Denis PhD Unseen Enemies: An Examination of Infectious Diseases and Their Influence Upon the Canadian  Army in Two Major Campaigns During the First and Second World Wars David Zimmerman
Cameron, Darby MA An Agent of Change: William Drewry and Land Surveying in BC, 1887-1929 Rick Rajala
Dawson, Chris MA The Mirage of Capital: Neoliberalism and the Rule of Law Martin Bunton
Della Zazzera, Elizabeth MA Romancing the Nation: The Reconciliation of the Individual and the Collective in  Romantic Nationalism Rob Alexander  
Huebel, Sebastian MA The Reichsorchester: A Comparison of the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics During the Third Reich Oliver Schmidtke
Longworth, Heather MA Tracks, Tunnels and Trestles: An Environmental History of the Construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway Rick Rajala
Martin, Kate MA Honouring Experience: Cross-Cultural Relationships between Indigenous and Settler Women in British Columbia, 1960-2009 John Lutz
Maximick, Katie MA Steppe Nomads and Russian Identity: The (in) Visibility of Scythians, Mongols and Cossacks in Russian History and Memory Serhy Yekelchyk
Melchin, Nick MA ‘How frigid Zones reward the Advert’rers Toils’: Natural History Writing and the British Imagination in the Making of Hudson Bay, 1741-1752 Elizabeth Vibert
Régnier-McKellar, Sara MA Houses and Families Continue by the Providence and Blessing of God”: Patriarchy and  Authority in the British Civil Wars Andrea McKenzie
Tremblay, Mike MA Deconstructing the Myth of the Norden Bombsight David Zimmerman
Trueman, Alice MA Playing the Game: The Education of Girls in Private Schools on Vancouver Island Pat Roy
Ulmer, Catherine MA The Report on Unemployment and Relief in Western Canada, 1932: Charlotte Whitton, R.B.  Bennett and the Federal Response to Relief Penny Bryden
Wakefield, Christina MA Talking on Their Fingers: A Study of the Ontario Deaf According to the 1891 Canadian Census Peter Baskerville
Soch, Geoff MRP Ethnic Relations and Transnational Connections in the Opium War of Pacific Canada Zhongping Chen
Todd, Jackson MRP Politics, Ideals, and Religion: Abraham Lincoln and the Growth to Emancipation 1860-1863 Jason Colby
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Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Bennett, Jason PhD Blossoms and Borders: Cultivating Apples and a Modern Countryside in the Pacific Northwest, 1890-2001 Pat Roy
Friedman, Judith PhD Coming Full Circle: The Development, Rise, Fall, and Return of the Concept of Anticipation in Hereditary Disease Greg Blue
Lieb, Christian PhD Moving West: German-speaking immigration to British Columbia, 1945-1961 Pat Roy
Vickers, Patricia PhD Ayaawx (Ts’msyen Ancestral Law): The Power of Transformation Phyllis Senese / Stephenson
Bondoreff, Andrei MA Spirited Differences: Doukhobor Sectarianism, Freedomite Terrorism and Government Policy Pat Roy
Burns, Grant MA Green and Red Between Tensions and Opportunities: A History of the Formation of the West German Green Party, 1968-1981 Oliver Schmidtke
Douglas, Robert MA Being Successfully Nasty: The United States, Cuba and State-Sponsored Terrorism Jason Colby
Douglas, Tara MA Memories, Myths and Misconceptions: An Analysis of Dominant Zionist Narratives Formalized in the Israeli Declaration of Independence Oliver Schmidtke
Martin, Eryk MA When Red Meets Green: Perceptions of Environmental Change in the B.C. Communist Left, 1937-1978 Rick Rajala
McDonnell, Lytton MA Singing Wet and Dry: Exploring Alcohol Regulation through Music, 1885-1919 Eric Sager
Randall, Mark MA Reflections of War: Changes in Tactics and Technology in the Diaries and Memoirs of Canadian Soldiers 1916-1918 David Zimmerman
Webster, Keith MA Canada and the Far Eastern Commission John Price
Dance, Anne MRP Dikes, Ducks and Dams: Creston Flats and the Changing Politics of Reclamation, 1883-2006 Rick Rajala
Goertzen, Jude MRP To hang or wed... Hangynge is the better of the twayne, sooner done and shorter payne”: The Practice of Shift Weddings in Early Modern England Andrea McKenzie
Lowman, Emma MRP An Untold Story: Reverend Stanley Higgs and Mission Culture in British Columbia, 1928-1941 Wendy Wickwire
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Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Reimers, Mia PhD BC at its Most Sparkling, Colourful Best”: Post-war Province Building through Centennial Celebrations Pat Roy
Sitara, Georgia PhD Humanitarianism in the age of Capital and Empire: Canada, 1870-1890 Lynne Marks / Elizabeth Vibert
Brown, Lorraine  MA Domestic service in British Columbia, 1850-1914 Lynne Marks
Chassé, Patrick  MA Hereticks for Believing the Antipodes”: Scottish Colonial Identities in the Darien, 1698-1700 Elizabeth Vibert
Larsen, Takaia  MA Sowing the Seeds: Women, Work and Memory in Trail, British Columbia, During and After the Second World War Eric Sager
McFarland, Theresa  MA Images of the Body in German Films: Deconstructing the Nazi Body Aesthetic Tom Saunders
Yeomans, Sheila  MA The Delivery of Medicine to the Northwest Region of British Columbia, 1880-1960 Pat Roy
Beresford, Caitlin MRP Evolution of a Penal Subculture and the Prisons of Nineteenth-Century England Simon Devereaux
Lang, Erik MRP According to the Modern Practice”1: The Treatment of Leprosy in British Columbia, 1906-1935 Jordan Stanger-Ross
Robinson, Danielle MRP Modernism at a Crossroad: The Spadina Expressway Controversy in Toronto, Ontario c. 1960-1971 Peter Baskerville  
Scales, Peter MRP Hydrogen bombs and hockey rinks: Domestic Effects of the Early Cold War in British Columbia Eric Sager
Tao, Tao MRP The Prompt Rapprochement between Reluctant Adversaries: Canada’s Road toward Diplomatic Recognition of the People’s Republic of China Zhongping Chen
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Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Block, Tina PhD Everyday Infidels: A Social History of Secularism in The Postwar Pacific Northwest Lynne Marks
Wender, Andrew PhD The Juridical Prism: Modernity’s Transmutation of the Religious, As Refracted Through Secularist Law Harold Coward / John McLaren
Clapperton, Jonathan  MA Presenting and Representing Culture: A History of Sto:lo Interpretive Centres, Museums and Cross-Cultural Relationships, 1949-2006 John Lutz
Jackson, Sabrina  MA Henry of Winchester: Last of the Great Cluniacs Tim Haskett
Magrath, Bronwen  MA Contested Classrooms: Cultural Control and Resistance in Alsace and Algeria, 1918-1940 Rob Alexander
Moore, Elaine  MA Spirit, Hardship, and Opportunity: Narrating Imperial Adventure in Early Twentieth-Century British Columbia Wendy Wickwire
Peyton, Jonathan  MA Red Gods in the Sportsman’s Eden: Wildlife Conservation and the Ordering of Land in the Stikine Plateau, 1905-1918 Wendy Wickwire
Redmond, Matthew  MA Zikism and the Nigerian Adoption of Gandhi’s Discourse of Colonial Resistance Martin Bunton
Stanley, Heather  MA Vested Interests”: The 1902 Midwives Act as a Case Study in Professional Identity Angus McLaren
Thompson, David  MA Direct Action, Subsidiarity and the Counterhegemonic: Three Case Studies of Antipoverty Activism in Twentieth Century Canada Eric Sager
Wallace, Jason  MA Public Liability: Insurance Regulation and the Creation of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Pat Roy
Wilke, Heather  MA One Too Many: Imbibing and Resistance in The Cowichan Indian Agency 1888-1899 John Lutz
Wilson, Kevin  MA Setting the Standard: How a Four Year Utopian Experiment Established a Six Decade Communal Norm in Sointula, British Columbia Ian MacPherson
Heinrich, Kurt MRP A Barrel of Rotten Apples: Gendered Violence in Okinawa, Japan John Price
Preuss, Karl MRP Perceptions and Misperceptions: The Quest for Land at Chuchuwayha, British Columbia David Zimmerman
Russo, Stephen MRP Invariable Customs’ and Men Behind Guns: Land Legislation, Gender and Families in 1920s Palestine Martin Bunton
Scowcroft, Lesley MRP Cope Lands Plan?  A Study of the Influence of Sir Reginald Coupland on the Peel Commission, 1936-1937 Martin Bunton
Szpak, Patrick MRP Rails to Rubber in Victoria, British Columbia John Lutz
Waddell, Brodie MRP Rebels to God, Trespassers to Nature and Thieves to the Commonwealth: Popular Preaching in England, 1585-1625 Andrea McKenzie
Whitehead, Cameron MRP Two Tales of Dayton: Humanitarianism and Realpolitik in The Bosnian Peace Process Oliver Schmidtke
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Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Morton, Jamie PhD Industry, Ideology, and Social Formation in British Columbia, 1849-1885 Peter Baskerville 
Bridge, Gillian  MA The Medieval Hospitals of St John the Baptist at Oxford and St Bartholomew of London From Foundation to 1300 Tim Haskett
Budd, Robert  MA The Story of the Country”: Imbert Orchard’s Quest for Frontier Folk in BC, 1870-1914 Eric Sager
Bullard, Dan  MA A Deterritorialized History: Investigating German Colonialism Through Deleuze and Guattari Tom Saunders
Cook, Kevin  MA A History of the Development and Organization of the Office of Strategic Services during World War II Eric Sager
Crow, David  MA The Introduction of Firearms to the Land of Aladdin Andrew Rippin
Deacon, Valerie  MA The Art of Secrecy and Subversion: The Cagoule and French Politics in the 1930s Rob Alexander / Perry Biddiscombe
Drysdale, Marg  MA Three Times Betrayed: The Sudeten Germans of Tomslake, BC Ian MacPherson
Gow, John  MA Fact in Fiction?  Looking at the 1850 Texas Scalphunting Frontier with Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian as a guide Brian Dippie
Helps, Lisa  MA Bodies Public, City Spaces: Becoming Modern Victoria, British Columbia, 1871-1901 Peter Baskerville / Elizabeth Vibert
Kidd, Patricia  MA Aspects of Eighteenth Century Advertising in Britain - London Trade Cards 1660-1770 John Money
Morris, Stephen  MA Secularization in English Canada in the 1960s: Mass Media and the “Problem of History.” Lynne Marks
Nguyen, Anne  MA Crossing the River: an Ethnohistorical Study of Ancestor Worship in Two Central Vietanmese Villages Wendy Wickwire
Nilsen, Christine  MA Possessing Eden: Victoria’s Ghosts Annalee Lepp
Rockwell, Trevor  MA The Road to the Stars is Paved by the Communists!”: Soviet Propaganda and the Hero-Myth of Iurii Gagarin Serhy Yekelchyk
Rollwagen, Katharine  MA Bunkhouse and Home: Company, Community, and Crisis in Britannia Beach, British Columbia Peter Baskerville / Ian MacPherson
Sommers, Sheena MA Bodies, Knowledge and Authority in Eighteenth-Century Infanticide Prosecutions Sara Beam
Chira-Pascanut, Constantin MRP Interwar Failure and Post War Success of European Integration.  An Investigation into the Origins of the European Union Oliver Schmidtke
Gleboff, Heather MRP The Long Conversation: A Dialogue Between Father Augustin J. Brabant and the Hesquiats of Vancouver Island, 1874-1899 John Lutz
Hackett, Devon MRP Not Just Tweeds and Featherweight Writing Paper: The Growth and Development of Ballet as an English Art Form, 1926-1960 Mariel Grant
Haggarty, Liam MRP ‘I’m Going to Call it Spirit Money’: An Ethnohistory of Social Welfare Among the Sto:lo John Lutz
Montgomery, Dale MRP No Fascism Here’: Ireland 1932-1985 Perry Biddiscombe
Sands, Jennifer MRP Termagant Wives and Cotquean Husbands: Male Anxiety and Female (Mis)behaviour in Seventeenth Century English Popular Literature Andrea McKenzie
Schoeber, Axel MRP Un Reve Perdu: A Research Paper into the Aspirations of the “Circle of Meaux” in the Early 1520s Sara Beam
Scott, Samantha MRP Forgotten Histories: Chinese Immigrant Experiences and the Victoria Detention Hospital Pat Roy
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Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
St. Jean, Eva PhD Swedes on the Move: Politics, Culture and Work Among Swedish Immigrants in British Columbia, 1900-1950 Eric Sager
Balzer, Timothy  MA Selling Disaster: How the Canadian Public was Informed of Dieppe David Zimmerman
Boyle, Emily  MA Courting Respectability: Women’s Basketball in Victoria, 1903-1965 Eric Sager
Bradley, Ben  MA Roving Eyes: Circulation, Visuality, and Hierarchy of Place in East-Central British Columbia, 1910-1975 John Lutz
Larmon, Kirsten  MA Passive Revolution” and the Transfer of Power in India and the Gold Coast Greg Blue
Lee, Jennifer  MA Selling the Nazi Dream: The Promotion of Films in the Third Reich Tom Saunders
Matte, Nicholas  MA Putting Patients First: Harry Benjamin and the Development of Transgender Medicine in the Twentieth Century Angus McLaren
Rudder, Adam  MA A Black Community in Vancouver?: A History of Invisibility John Lutz
Sharun, Sara  MA Show Me a Samurai”: British Representations of Japanese Manhood, 1895-1905 Elizabeth Vibert
Sterk, John  MA The Pamphlet that Woke a Nation Paul Wood
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Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Bolz, Cedric PhD Constructing Heimat in the Ruhr Valley: Assessing the Historical Significance of Krupp Company Housing from its Origins Through the National Socialist Era, 1855-1941 Tom Saunders
Buddle, Melanie PhD The Business of Women: Gender, Family, and Entrepreneurship in British Columbia, 1901-1971 Peter Baskerville
Fennema, Norman PhD Remote Control: A History of the Regulation of Religion in the Canadian Public Square Ian MacPherson
Ashley, Karl Micheal  MA Severalty’s Retreat: Treaty Eight’s Short Lived Experiment with Individual Title John Lutz
Bengtson, Tate  MA A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma” American Diplomatic History and the Debate Over Soviet Foreign Policy in the Early Cold War Ted Wooley
Flewelling, Dennis  MA Finding Judicial Conciliation in the Nineteenth Century Pacific Northwest John Lutz
Gordon, Hugh  MA The End of the Big Ship Navy: The Trudeau Government, the Defence Policy Review and the Decommissioning of the HMCS Bonaventure David Zimmerman
Hobbs, Daphne  MA Manor Village and Individual in Medieval England Tim Haskett
Hutton, Jane  MA Port Alberni and the Great Depression: Paying the Price of Prosperity Pat Roy
Isitt, Ben  MA The Search for Solidarity: The Industrial and Political Roots of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation in British Columbia, 1913-1928 Eric Sager
Macrae-Miller, Alison  MA Discourse and Agency in Girls’ Education at St. Margaret’s School in Victoria, British Columbia, Between 1930 and 1950 Lynne Marks
May, Nicholas  MA Making Conversation: Opening Dialogues of the Nisga’a Encounter with the Church Missionary Society, 1864-67 Elizabeth Vibert
Plant, Byron  MA Hank Snow and Moving On: Tradition and Modernity in Kwakwaka’Wakw 20th Century Migration John Lutz
Schmidt, Lance  MA The Folly of Youth: The Continuing Influence of the Hitler Youth in Postwar Germany Perry Biddiscombe
Sulz, David  MA Japanese “Entrepreneur” on the Fraser River: Oikawa Jinsaburo and the Illegal Immigrants of the Suian Maru John Price
Trayner, Kathleen  MA Historical Origins and Collective Memory in British Columbia’s Community-Based Museums, 1925-1975 Pat Roy
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Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Bera, Matthew MA Hope Springs Infernal: The Association of German Iron and Steel Industrialists (VdESI) and the Ruhr Crisis of 1923 Tom Saunders
Dodds, Dawn  MA The Purge of the Girondins: The Use and Abuse of Violence From the September Massacres to the Assassination of Marat Rob Alexander
Ferguson, Jason  MA Reflections: American Opinions of Germans in the American Occupation Zone, 1944-1949 Perry Biddiscombe
Hancock, Rob  MA The Potential for a Canadian Anthropology: Diamond Jenness’s Arctic Ethnography Wendy Wickwire
Kimura, Yuko MA Pacific Partners: A Comparison of Canadian and Japanese Peacekeeping Experiences, Looking for Avenues of Cooperation Pat Roy
Leonard, Frank  MA W.A.C. Bennett and His Choice of State Enterprise: The 1958 Case of British Columbia Ferries Peter Baskerville
Lowe, Adrian  MA Henry Lloyd’s Rhapsody and the Crisis of 1779 David Zimmerman
Mandeville, Donna  MA Who Went to School?: School Attendance Patterns in Three British Columbia Communities in 1901 Eric Sager
McKay, Katherine MA Recycling the Soul: Death and the Continuity of Life in Coast Salish Burial Practices John Lutz
Peddle, Kirsty  MA ‘This Delightful Country:’ Lansford W. Hastings’ The Emigrant’s Guide to Oregon and California and the Tradition of the California Prospect in Pre-Gold Rush Travel Literature. Brian Dippie
Schau, Torben  MA The Carnival of Blood and Fire”: Responses to the Boxer Rebellion, a Canadian Case Study Pat Roy

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Graduate Degree Title Supervisor
Duder, Karen PhD The Spreading Depths: Lesbian and Bisexual Women in English Canada, 1910-1965 Lynne Marks
Street, Kori PhD Bankers and Bomb Makers: Gender Ideology and Women’s Paid Work in Banking and Munitions during the First World War in Canada Lynne Marks / Eric Sager
Baker, Michael  MA Section XII: The Building of the Esquimalt Naval Dock David Zimmerman
Braakman, Michelle  MA Ideals and Realities of Death in the Twelfth Century Dutton
Brocklehurst, Deidre  MA A Visible Presence: The Victoria Business and Professional Women’s Club 1921-1960 Lynne Marks
Dubord, Dennis  MA ‘An Enemy More Dangerous Than the German’: The Malaria Epidemic in the Canadian First Division in Sicily, 1943 David Zimmerman
Duke, William  MA Recipes for Failure: British Boy’s Farm Training and Land Settlement Schemes in Canada Under the Empire Settlement Act, 1922 - 31 Pat Roy
Furstenau, Sonia  MA Reading the Past as God’s Narrative: History as Salvific Process in the Writings of Hugh of St Victor Greg Blue
Grazley, Robin  MA Mapping Middle-Class Manliness: Exploring The Construction of Identity in James Cook’s Second Voyage Journals Elizabeth Vibert
Jackson, Holly  MA Separate Spheres and Mutuality: Farm Families in Rural British Columbia From 1940 to 1960 Lynne Marks
Shaw, Christine  MA “‘Sitting At The Feet of Jesus, Clothed and in Their Right Mind’: The Convergence of Religion, Culture, and Race in Missionary Discourse in Halkomelem Territory, Southern Coastal British Columbia, 1850-1900 Lynne Marks / Wendy Wickwire
Stanton, Susan  MA Voice of the Fugitive: Henry Bibb and ‘Racial Uplift’ in Canada West, 1851-1852 Lynne Marks
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