Justin Dwyer

Justin Dwyer
Sessional Instructor


Office: CLE B427

Interests and Area of Study:

Greek and Roman comedy; ancient theatre and material culture; Hellenistic Greece and Republican Rome; Greek and Latin pedagogy

My research focuses on the comic theatre of Hellenistic Greece and Republican Rome. My dissertation examined the lasting impact of the fragmentary playwright Apollodorus of Carystus in the tradition of Hellenistic comedy. Taking an integrative approach, I present a discursive commentary that considers all the extant fragments of Apollodorus and offer an important challenge to the “Menandrocentric” model of Greek New Comedy. The final two chapters examine Terence’s adaptations of Apollodoran comedies (Hecyra and Phormio) and provide insight into the afterlife of Apollodorus in Roman reception contexts.


“Identity Chrysis: New Insights on a Theatrical Ring” in Proceedings of ARCNET Work in Progress Forum III (forthcoming).

Rudens.” [Review of Renato Raffaelli and Alba Tontini (eds.), Lecturae Plautinae Sarsinates XVII:  Rudens.] Classical Review 66.2 (2016): 595-6.