Degrees and certificates

CALR Grads
Dr. Leslie Saxon (Linguistics) with gradautes of the Certificate in Aboriginal Language Revitalization program.


We offer a Bachelor of Arts Degree in thirteen different programs and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Linguistics. Our programs include courses on all aspects of human language, literature, film, gender relations and identify, culture, thought, and history.

Visit departments and programs for information on minor, major and other specializations.

Professional Communications minor

Make your degree work for you! Combine any of our majors or honours programs with a minor in Professional Communications. This training prepares you for work in government, business, universities, publishing, social media, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and research centres.

Certificate in Language and Cultural Proficiency

Become global and portable! You can develop your international knowledge and increase your employability by combining your degree with a Certificate in Language and Cultural Proficiency.

Certificates are available in the Departments of French, Germanic and Slavic Studies, Hispanic and Italian Studies, and Pacific and Asian Studies. The requirements for these certificates can be completed more quickly than many of the minors offered in the Faculty.

These certificates allow you to focus on the languages, beliefs, literatures, cinemas, and values of world cultures. A certificate can prepare you for an international exchange, a co-op work term abroad, a career in international business. Or it can simply reflect your passion for new languages and cultures!