International opportunities

GRS field school

Consider combining your graduate courses at UVic with international research and experiences!

Student international activities fund

The Office of International Affairs offers grants to support international activities that are not funded by other sources. Three competitions for the grant are held each academic year. Eligible activities include:

  • unpaid international internships and co-op placements
  • field schools
  • volunteer programs
  • exchange or study abroad programs organized by UVic

Faculty of Graduate Studies travel grant

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Students’ Society offer travel grants to support travel to conferences, meetings, workshops, or research activities. The fund is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible graduate students.

Greek and Roman Studies archaeological dig in Turkey

Graduate students are welcome on archeological investigation of an unexplored settlement in central Greece (Boeotia), dating primarily to the Mycenaean (ca. 1700-1150 BC) and Classical (6-4th c. BC) periods. The site is ancient Eleon, which operated within the orbit of the major Greek city of Thebes. The Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project is co-directed by Professors Brendan Burke (UVic) and Bryan Burns (Wellesley College,, working in collaboration with the 9th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. Student volunteers will participate in all aspects of fieldwork, learning stratigraphic excavation techniques, recording, artifact analysis, and principles of conservation.

I-Witness Holocaust Field School

With the permission of their supervisors, graduate students may gain course credit for the I-witness Holocaust field school, which explores the ways in which the Holocaust has become memorialized in Central Europe and to build an understanding of how the lessons of the Holocaust are relevant in today’s world.