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UVic's French alumni find careers in many fields including education, government and writing.

See what your fellow UVic French students have been up to since graduation, and what interesting careers they have pursued.


"After completing my B.A. at UVic I had decided to take the opportunity presented by the embassy of France to teach as an English Assistant. I learned of this opportunity from one of the professors in the department and also from the posters displayed in the hallway in the department. This opportunity not only allowed me practice and improve my oral French, it also allowed me to try out teaching. While in working as an English Assistant in France, I also had the opportunity participate in a music festival and do some translation work from French to English and English to French. I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to renew my contract to teach for an additional year where I worked with a different age group of students in different schools. In all, I was able to make the most of my experience and thanks to my experiences at Uvic I was empowered to succeed in my adventures abroad. After two years of working hard on my fluency and testing out a possible career in education I decided to attend UBC for the Bachelor of Education. Working closely with other French secondary student teachers I was able to assure myself that this was a profession that allowed me to share my French skills with my students. Unlike many other subject areas for teaching French is a highly sought after position that is in demand in B.C.. I would suggest to future French teachers who wish to have the most opportunities that they take their time before deciding and living in a Francophone environment and enhance their fluency while getting world experience. My experiences in France and teaching definitely gave me an advantage for finding a job as a certain mastery of the language would foster more professional opportunities. My efforts to improve my fluency constantly since finishing my degree have come to fruition after successfully completing the education program at UBC. I am currently living in Vancouver and will be teaching French Immersion in the North Vancouver School District in the fall." Lucas Mann, BA 2008

 "Je suis toujours à Parksville à l'école Springwood qui est une école d'immersion française. J'y enseigne les maths, les sciences, les sciences-humaines et le français au niveau 8e. J'adore enseigner en immersion car cela me permet de travailler dans ma langue maternelle et je sais que j'apporte quelque chose de différent à mes élèves grace à mon éducation et ma culture de France." Sophie Preston

Government and public service (Gouvernement et service public)

"I am currently living in Toronto and working at the Ontario Arts Council as Animator/ Coordinator for Culture Days, a volunteer movement to raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of all Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. My position entails holding info sessions for artists and organizers in Ontario, registering Culture Days activities, acting as a resource to event organizers, marketing, media relations, and communicating with the public through our website and social media. Since the Ontario Arts Council offers grants to francophone artists and arts organizations and is required to offer services in both French and English, my background in French Language and Literature has given me a great advantage in enabling me to communicate with francophone clients and artists across the province." / Nazanin Shoja, BA 2003

"I pursued a career with the federal public service and having the ability to speak French helped me get my first position. I speak French regularly at work and in the community where I live. I currently work for Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, in Ottawa and I live in Chelsea, Quebec. As a result, I have been able to continue to improve my language skills since graduating from university." Jody Aylard, BA 1982

Hospitality and catering (Hospitalité et restauration)

"I'm located in Victoria and am the President and Executive Chef of Little Piggy Catering at the English Inn. While I principally use my French language training for frequent trips to France, professionally, we have a number of French speaking clients including the Francophone School Board and several local military branches. Similarly, we often employ French speaking staff. Having a firm command of French has also been helpful in my development as a culinary professional. French is the international language of food and professional cooking." Christabel Padmore

Law (Le droit)

"I followed my BA with an LLB from UVic in 1982; I have worked for the Province of BC as a prosecutor since 1989 and have been a member of the bilingual prosecution team since 1991; French has been a major component of my career." Pinder Cheema, BA 1975

Public relations and communications (Communication et relation public)

"I was an undergraduate student at UVic from 1993 until 1997, when I obtained my BA with a major in French and a minor in Spanish. I also enjoyed taking courses in a number of other languages: Latin, German, Italian, as well as Old French. In 1998, I moved to Toronto and did my MA in French Linguistics at the University of Toronto. After that one-year program, I continued on with my PhD in French Literature, also at U of T. My thesis, which I defended in 2003, was entitled "Collusions linguistiques: la littérature plurilingue en Occitanie au Moyen Âge." In it, I examined the series of medieval troubadour poems that make use of different languages for a variety of reasoons. Since 2003, I have worked for the Government of Ontario, and now work in communications managing a team of professionals who maintain websites for the Ministry of EducationMarc Trottier, BA 1997

"I am presently employed as a Student Advisor in the International and Exchange Student Services office here at UVic.  I provide support for incoming exchange students from UVic’s partner universities.   Prior to this I was an ESL instructor both in Canada and Japan for 18 years.  My degree in French has been very useful to me in my career.  As an ESL instructor, it enabled me to gain employment with DND as an ESL instructor to French-speaking military personnel.  In my present position, I work with a number of incoming exchange students from France, and although they speak English, from time to time I have the opportunity to communicate with them in French as well." Sherri Williams, BA 1988

Translation (Interprète)

"Je travaille chez R.A. Malatest comme "coder." Ça veut dire que je fais de la traduction, j'organise des grandes bases de données, et je corrige les épreuves." Katherine Hewko, MA 2008

Writing (Écrivain)

"Je pourrai rentrer pour faire une deuxième maîtrise en Histoire dans laquelle je détiens un autre diplôme dans le cadre du programme de double majeur que j'ai suivi avec le français au niveau sous-gradué à UVic ou pour suivre un programme professionnel plus pratique pour le marché du travail. J'ai trouvé toute une section d'oeuvres de la littérature africaine en anglais et aussi des oeuvres littéraires écrites par des africains en français à la Bibliotèque McPherson. Je m'y rends toujours pour emprunter des livres que je lis avec une voracité incroyable dans les deux langues tandis que je lis aussi en portugais, tout en écrivant un roman sur un conflit intergénérationnel ayant la liberté comme son thème principal. Et l'écriture de cette oeuvre s'achemine vers la troisième partie et vers la crise finale. C'est une oeuvre littéraire avec une esthétique sociologique et anthropologique africaine, tout étant aussi une satire de quelques moeurs africaines démodées que la vieille génération croit comme étant encore des coutûmes honnorables. Mais la rébellion de la nouvelle génération renverse le statu quo et la société n'est plus la même... La partie écrite jusqu'ici fait 110,000 mots, soit 215 pages. J'ai des outils pour écrire de la fiction -- ce que je peux faire en français, en anglais ou même en portugais. Je détiens un diplôme en écriture de fiction et en journalisme. Je ne pouvais pas écrire quand j'étudiais à UVic à cause du manque de temps." Francisco Moises