Teaching Assistants


Teaching assistant vacancies

(CUPE 4163 Specialist Instructional Laboratory Instructors & Academic Assistants)

 WINTER SESSION – First Term 2019 09


Positions available

Positions: Academic assistants. See below under Assignments.

Number of positions: 4 assignments per term (see below)

Appointment dates:  September 1st, 2019 to December 15th, 2019

Rate of Pay: $26.08 per hour, plus 4% vacation pay

Hours: see details under Assignments below.


Duties may include some or all of the following: lab instruction, preparation, grading, test preparations and record keeping, professional development.


Applicants choose a level at which they would like to teach and work in collaboration and consultation with the course instructor in order to ensure coherence between classes and labs. Within any semester, 10 sessions of labs are scheduled.

 A mandatory training session is scheduled during the first week of class in September and in January.  This mandatory training session is a three-hour session where all academic assistants meet and discuss their future assignments.

 One assignment includes 3 lab sessions per week at the same level (see below). 

Total numbers of hours per assignment per term

  • Teaching 30 hours (= 3 lab sessions of one hour per week for 10 weeks)
  • Preparation 10 hours (this includes consultation with Professor)
  • Training 3 hours
  • Grading[1] 2 hours
  • TOTAL 45 hours[2]

Selection criteria

Appointment procedures are based on the guidelines of the CUPE 4163 Agreement, TA Appendix Article 13.02. Selection criteria for all positions will include the qualifications and ability of the candidate(s) based on academic merit and related experience, the career and/or pedagogical value that the experience in a particular position will provide the student, the student’s preferences, and other sources of graduate student financial support being received. All applications will be considered; however, priority will first be given to graduate students registered in the Department of French, in accordance with the department’s Appointment Priority Policy, including any graduate students with conditional offers of employment included in an offer of admission. All TAs must have excellent oral and written skills in French.


Please send electronically your CV and a letter of motivation in French to Catherine Caws, Chair, Department of French chairfran@uvic.ca

by 4:30pm, Friday, August 2nd, 2019

 Applicants will be notified by August 9th, 2019.

 The University of Victoria is an equity employer and encourages applications from women, persons with disability, visible minorities, aboriginal peoples, people of all sexual orientation and genders, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of the university.

Details on assignments

FRAN 100                                                                    FRAN 120

2 positions (apply to assignment A or B)                        1 position

Assignment 1:                                                             Assignment 1:

Section B01: T 2:30 to 3:20 pm                      Section B01: T 2:30 to 3:20 pm

Section B04: R 2:30 to 3:20 pm                      Section B02: W 2:30 to 3:20 pm

Section B06: F 1:30 to 2:20 pm                       Section B03: R 3:30 to 4:20 pm         

Assignment 2:

Section B02: W 2:30 to 3:20 pm

Section B03: R 3:30 to 4:20 pm

Section B05: R 2:30 to 3:20 pm         


FRAN 160

1 position

 Assignment 1:

            Section B01: T 1:30 to 2:20 pm

            Section B02: W 3:30 to 4:20 pm

            Section B03: R 3:30 to 4:20 pm 

[1] This includes assistance with oral examinations when needed.

[2] Please note that in the case of cancellation of classes due to low enrollment, the contract would reflect the new hours covered by the Academic Assist