Co-op program

Students in the Department of English are eligible to participate in the Humanities and Fine Arts (HUFA) Co-op program.

Co-operative education is an integrated approach to higher education which enables well-motivated students to follow a program that combines study terms on campus with paid work terms in a variety of job settings.

The HUFA Co-op program at the University of Victoria is designed to provide students with the analytical expertise and practical knowledge necessary to excel in positions in the public and private sectors. Students come from 18 different departments in the Humanities and Fine Arts enabling employers to select students with training in everything from languages to fine arts administration

To graduate with a BA, MA, or Phd with an HFPW Co-op Distinction, students must satisfactorily complete four, 13- to 16-week work terms. Usually this will enable them to finish the Co-op bachelor degree within five years. Students are also expected to maintain superior grades and conform to the standards of the working world.

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