ENGL 147 -Literary Traditions (AWR)

Level: First year

Semester: Fall, Spring

Instructor: Various

This course concentrates on some of the most influential, exciting, and accomplished works of literature in English. We will study notable authors from Britain, the United States, and Canada from a range of time periods. The works of poetry, prose, and drama that we will investigate are considered essential reading for any student of English literature. In our discussions of these works, we will explore the social and cultural contexts of their production, as well as the various formal and stylistic tools that writers employ to create literary meaning. We will also pay particular attention to how the literature of various periods resonates with our own time.

While the course will be of special interest to prospective majors in English, it should also appeal to those with an interest in the humanities more broadly and to those who love to read.

NOTE: It is essential that in addition to the lecture, students register for a tutorial section. If you have not registered for a tutorial, please do so immediately. Attendance at tutorials is mandatory. Each tutorial meets once a week to review and expand upon the material covered in the lecture, to develop writing skills, and to discuss the course assignments. You will receive a tutorial syllabus from your TA in the first tutorial.