ENGL 146 -Contemporary Literature (AWR)

ENGL 146 -Contemporary Literature (AWR)

Level: First year

Semester: Fall, Spring, Summer

Area: Academic writing, Literature, Writing, 20th century

Instructor: Various

In ENGL 146, you will encounter some of the most exciting literature produced in the 20th and 21st centuries. Bringing different forms of writing together, the course invites you to think about works comparatively, asking questions such as, “what is different about the ways a play and a poem reflect on human experience?”  Literature has changed in dramatic ways since 1900, and this course will encourage you to think about how writers have adapted and sometimes revolutionized forms, techniques, and styles to address the questions and challenges that characterize our era.

ENGL 146’s relatively small class size of 35 offers you a chance to work closely with your professor and fellow students to develop your knowledge of literature and literary analysis as well as your critical thinking, communication, and writing skills.  Via class discussions, workshops, detailed feedback, and self-assessment, you will become a more independent and skilled reader and writer by the end of the course.  Along the way, you will build a solid understanding of the terminology that critics have developed to analyze literature.

This course satisfies the Academic Writing Requirement.


Image from Flickr Creative Commons, Gregory Wake.