ATWP 101 - Fundamentals of Academic Literacy

ATWP 101 - Fundamentals of Academic Literacy

Level: First year

Semester: Fall, Spring

Area: Writing

Instructor: Various

This is not a literature course. It is designed for students who need extra support with their academic writing and reading skills before undertaking a course to satisfy the UVic Academic Writing Requirement. The course will give you lots of practice at writing and will help you to build skills at reading and understanding academic articles. If you want to know whether you need this course, consider taking the self-placement test.

  • English 101 is restricted to students who have not satisfied the Academic Writing Requirement (AWR).
  • Please note that ENGL 101 does not satisfy the AWR; you should follow it with an AWR-designated course.

Image from Flickr Creative Commons, Temari 09