Academic Prerequisites

Admission to the program will normally be after your second year; plan on taking the prerequisite as soon as you can. When you register for a course or apply for the minor, you must have an average grade of at least B in the prerequisite writing courses (see below) or permission of the Professional Communication Program Adviser.

If you don't meet the admissions requirements for either the program or an individual course, show us what you've done as a writer.

In addition, you must be registered in a major or an honours program at the university. There is no standalone minor in Professional Communication.

Before declaring the Professional Communication minor, you must have any two (i.e., 3 units) of the following courses with a minimum grade of B in each course:

ENGL 115 ENGL 181
ENGL 125 ENGL 215
ENGL 135 ENGL 225
ENGL 145 ECON 225
ENGL 146 ENGR 240
ENGL 147

You must complete ENGL 303: Copy Editing (1.5 units) and an additional 7.5 units of courses from those listed below for a minor in professional communication.

ENGL 301 - Report Writing for Business

ENGL 302 - Writing for Government and the Public Sector

ENGL 305 - Visual Rhetoric for Professional Writers

ENGL 306 - Technical Communication

ENGL 401 - Web Design

ENGL 406 - Special Topics in Professional Communication

ENGL 407 - Social Media and Electronic Communication

ENGL 412 - Research for Professional Communication

ENGL 417A - Digital Audio Production for Professional Writers

ENGL 417B - Digital Video Production for Professional Writers

ENGL 418 - Print Media Genres and Techniques for Professional Communication

ENGL 492 - Directed Reading: Advanced Topics in Professional Communication

To read more about these courses please see the UVic Academic Calendar.

Declare your minor by speaking to an academic adviser. You must also declare a major or an honours program (which you can do first).