FYI Faculty Forum - November 30th, 2018

The English Department's FYI (Forum for Your Ideas) invites you to the last FYI event of the semester!

Next Friday, November 30th, Alison Chapman will give a presentation titled "Hopkins, ‘Inversnaid,’ and ‘the weeds and the wilderness’: The ‘darksome’ origins of place poetry" which will ask why Hopkins frames “Inversnaid” as the origin of pristine wildness, and how his poem's poetics attempts to capture the specificity of wild places. Additionally, Joel Hawkes will introduce the Mary Butts Letters Project in his presentation titled "The Mary Butts Letters Project: Mapping and Creating Transnational Spaces and Communities," and Eric Miller will give a presentation titled "Tis Procrastination Alone That Can Save Us" in which he will read a short extract from his novel, The Canadian Act.

Join us for a great afternoon of free coffee, tea, cookies and discussion from 2:30pm onwards in CLE D126!