Academic Writing Requirement

Strong reading, writing, and research skills are essential to academic success.

Regardless of whether you are a native speaker of English or have learned English as an additional language, everyone needs to develop writing and communication skills to meet the expectations of advanced literacy associated with university-level academic studies.

To ensure that students are prepared to meet these expectations, the university requires all undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program to satisfy one of the following two requirements.

  1. Successful completion of a 1.5 unit AWR-designated course (ENGL 135146147ENGR 110). Learn more.
  2. One of the following qualifications:
    • A score of at least 86% on the BC English 12 Provincial Examination, or English 12 First Peoples Provincial Examination, within the three years immediately prior to admission.
    • A final grade of at least 86% in an approved English 12 equivalent course from other Canadian provinces within the three years immediately prior to admission.
    • 1.5 units of transfer credit for ENGL 135146 or 147ENGR 110, or AWR-designated level credit.
    • A degree from a recognized English-speaking university.

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