Frequently asked questions

I have so many questions I do not know where to start. Where should I start?

Read the Graduate Student’s Handbook. It answers many questions about doing an MA or PhD degree in the Department of English at the University of Victoria, particularly those regarding degree-requirements, courses, policies, procedures, grading, time to completion, etc.

How long does it take to do an MA in English at UVic?

Generally speaking, the degree can be done in 12 months but it depends on your specific program and your own needs and interests. Many students take 16-24 months to complete the program and some take longer, especially those with families or professional lives.

What MA stream should I take? Course-based? General? Special concentration?

If you are unsure of which stream to take speak with the who can help you define your program in light of your scholarly, professional, and personal goals. Also, students are free to change their focus mid-program in light of their experience, so don’t overstress about this decision. Our goal is to help you define a program of study that best suits your interests and needs even if they change while you are doing your degree.

I know I want to do a specific concentration for my MA degree. What do I need to make sure I do?

Read the relevant part of Section 6.1 in the Graduate Student Handbook outlining degree-requirements for each specific concentration. Courses that qualify for specific concentrations are indicated as such on the list of courses offered each year. You always want to make sure you will earn the course credits you require in the time that you want to graduate. Discuss your choices with the Graduate Advisor.

How does funding work?

Most university fellowships, awards, and teaching assistant positions are given out automatically on a competitive basis. Oftentimes, the original funding offer made in the Spring is somewhat less than what students actually receive when they arrive in September as further funding becomes available after external SSHRC awards are announced in late April or early May.

All applicants eligible for SSHRC CGS Fellowships (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Canada Graduate Scholarships) are strongly encouraged to apply. If you have questions about the SSHRC application process please ask the Graduate Advisor.

Also, RA’ships are often advertised over the English Graduate Student’s List-serve throughout the school year.

Do I need to find a supervisor before arriving in September?

No. You will find a supervisor once you are in the program, normally after you have finished 6 units of course work. The Graduate Advisor can assist you in this process.

I'm an international student, what is my first step after being admitted into the program?

Like everyone else, you need to mail in official transcripts but you also need to apply for a visa and study permit. GARO will send international students a letter that helps with this but each country is different, so check your government's website, Canada's website, and contact UVic's International Student Services for information and help.

Is there a Facebook page for English Graduate students?

Yes, we have closed group. Accepted applicants can join at any time.