PhD Candidate Tracey El Hajj has won an inaugural President's Fellowship in Research-Enriched Teaching. As a President's Fellow, Tracey will teach ENGL 395 (Special Topics in Cultural Studies) in Spring 2020 on the topic of "Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life." 

 More information about the fellowship can be read here.

PhD Candidate Yan Tang had her article, "Atmospheric Violence: Samuel Beckett's Aesthetics of Respiration," featured in journal LIT: Literature Interpretation Theory 30.2 (2019): 103-119. 

The article can be read here.

UVic Libraries' exhibit "Volatile Attractions: Saul Holiff, Johnny Cash, and Managing a Music Legend," curated by recent PhD graduate Dr. Samantha MacFarlane, wins the prestigious 2019 RBMS Leab Exhibition Award. 

Read more about the RBMS Leab Awards here.

The exhibit can be found here

Dr. David Oswald, recent PhD graduate, happy to be featured in The Matter of Disability: Materiality, Biopolitics, Crip Affect (U of Michigan P, 2019).

A blurb from the article can be found here

Mod Squad

The Mod Squad is an interdisciplinary Modernist reading group organized by two Ph.D. students, Amy Tang and Kevin Tunnicliffe, from the Department of English at UVic. Currently, the group has faculty members and grad students from departments across the Humanities and Fine Arts, and members from UVic libraries. The group’s primary goal is to establish a community of modernist scholars on campus and online. The group meets on the last Thursday of every month.

For more information, please email or tweet/DM @modsquad1922.

Check out the Mod Squad blog

Thanks, and long live the modernists!

Amy and Kevin