Academic advice

For academic advice on courses and program planning, please contact the graduate advisor for your department or program.

Employment advice

Looking for work opportunities at UVic? The graduate advisor for your program can tell you about work opportunities such as research or teaching assistantships.

Information about off-campus other types of campus employment is available from UVic Career Services.

Career advice

UVic Career Services offers a range of workshops and career counselling for graduate students.

Advice on language requirements

If English is not your first language, and you have not resided in Canada or an exempted country for at least three years prior to beginning your graduate studies at UVic, you may be required to take a test proving your English language proficiency

Advice for students with disabilities

The UVic community welcomes students with disabilities. For information about and support with academic accommodations, please contact the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability. Their trained staff will help you to plan for success in your degree.

Review of an assigned grade

If you believe that there has been a mistake or unfairness in the assignment of your grade, please see the Faculty of Humanities Procedures for Review of an Assigned Grade: Undergraduate and Graduate Students for advice on what to do next.