Special year-long ATWP writing course 2023/24

After its success last year, in Fall 2023 the Academic and Technical Writing Program (ATWP) will continue to offer a year-long “stretch” writing course (for a total of 3.0 units) by linking a Fall 2023 section of ATWP 101, Fundamentals of Academic Literacy, to a reduced-cap Winter 2024 section of ATWP 135, Academic Reading and Writing.

Meet the Academic Writing Requirement (AWR) in a gradual, holistic way with a community of peers.

There will be two sections of the course this year, both tought by the same instructor, Andrew Murray. Both the ATWP 101 and the ATWP135 sections are scheduled to meet on the same days and at the same times (TWF 9:30 - 10:20 or TWF 11:30 - 12:20) from September 2023 through April 2024. Both classes will be capped at only 27 students. Students who complete the year successfully will meet UVic’s Academic Writing Requirement.

This “stretch” course experience will allow the instructor and those enrolled to create a distinct, supportive learning community that interconnects the learning outcomes of two academic writing courses. In the fall term, students will begin with the shorter, simpler assignments and readings typical of ATWP 101 and then systematically build skills until they are confident about undertaking the more difficult and multifaceted tasks of ATWP 135. This course was run as a pilot taught by the same instructor in 2022-2023 and recieved very positive student reviews and comments.

Please note that registering for this course requires ATWP approval available through .

For more information please visit the ATWP website, or contact course instructor Andrew Murray

In this video, the instructor introduces the ATWP 101 135 stretch course and its benefits.