What is practicum?

Practicum placements are an opportunity for the student to gain work experience in the social work field under the supervision of an experienced professional. Placements are completed in a wide range of community and government agencies and can usually be done in your home community. 

The School of Social Work requires current students to submit applications for BSW and MSW practicum (including BSW Prior Learning Assessment- PLA) two terms in advance.

Students need to apply for practicum or PLA by the deadline dates:

September Practicum Placements: Application Deadline is January 15th

January Practicum Placements: Application Deadline is May 15th

May Practicum Placements: Application Deadline is September 15th

Students are required to complete two placements (350 hours per placement) over the course of their program. A practicum seminar is also required. Students can choose the semester that they wish to complete their practicum in; however, students are responsible for ensuring that they have finished their prerequisite courses prior to beginning their placements. (e.g. 311 and 312 must be done before starting SOCW 304 or 304A) Prerequisites, for your year of entry to the program, are listed in the UVic Academic Calendar.

All BSW students are required to complete either a 3rd year practicum placement (SOCW 304) or a 3rd year Prior Learning Assessment (SOCW 304A). The Prior Learning Assessment (SOCW 304A) is an option for students who already have at least 2 years of social work employment or volunteer experience. All BSW students are also required to complete a 4th year placement (SOCW 402, 404A or 404).

For more information about BSW Practicum please click here.

Practicum for MSW students are dependant upon the program they are currently taking. There are three possibilities: 

UVic School of Social Work delivers accredited undergraduate and graduate social work education across Canada. We have approximately 500 active students in our program. We are seeking community organizations to host social work students year-round or in one of three semesters during the year.

If you are an organization that promotes social justice through ethical, community centered services– we want you on our team! Our commitment is to contribute to healthy communities by preparing students to take up social work positions within their community. We ask that you support students from our school by allowing them to work with you for 350 hours (BSW) or 450 hours (MSW). Students will come prepared to work hard and contribute in meaningful ways to your organizational goals.

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