Resources and manuals

Resources to help you plan your practicum/field education experience

Field education manuals

Field manuals provide details on your course requirements, supervision and evaluation. Reviewing the field education manual for your program/course is required before you start your course.

Field education manual


Integrative practice seminar (IPS)

Have a look at the integrative practice seminar (PDF, 19 KB) description.


Field education policies

Have a look at the School's policies regarding practicum.


Further information about Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) 

1. Sample Outline
2. Competencies
3. Sample Personal Statement
4. Sample Supervisor Evaluation


Information on criminal record checks

The University of Victoria is required to adhere to the BC Criminal Records Review Act.

The Act states: “ An educational institution must ensure that every registered student who will work with children or work with vulnerable adults undergoes a criminal record check.”
 All students who reside in BC and/or plan to complete a practicum placement in BC will be required to undergo a Criminal Record Check through the Ministry of Justice. This Criminal Record Check is required even if you have had a recent check completed for some other purpose.  A criminal record may delay or prohibit certain practicum placements.

The process for consenting to a BC Ministry of Justice Criminal Record Check is completed online.  The UVic School of Social Work has its own specific user account and access code to allow the results of your Criminal Record Check to be communicated directly to the School.

The School of Social Work will provide all newly admitted students residing in BC with the link and access code to the forms and the information required to complete their Ministry of Justice criminal record check. This information can also be requested by contacting our Practicum Assistant (

Failure to complete this process will prohibit students from beginning their placement. It is strongly recommended that students complete this process at the time of admission.

Practicum Outside of BC:
If you do not reside in BC and do not intend to complete a practicum in this province, you may not be required to complete the process above. You will, however, have to meet any individual agency or provincial requirements regarding criminal record checks. Again, students are encouraged to begin this process early.

Practicum Injury Insurance

All practicum students at UVic are covered by injury insurance and if injured during their practicum must immediately complete an injury report and submit this to their Faculty Liaison. 

For student's whose practicum is in Ontario they must complete a WSIB Form 6

For students in BC or a jurisdiction other than Ontario they must complete WorksafeBC Form 7