Culminating Conference, 2015

Ali, Sonia | MPH | Looking at Campus Alcohol and Substance Use Prevention Programs through a Socioecological Perspective

Carello, Maria | MPH | Mental Health Promotion Using a Comprehensive School Health Approach

Castrogiovanni, Nina | BA | Strengths-Based Education: Exploring Issues Related to Women and HIV

Citton, Kix | BA | Optimizing Acute Care for People with Dementia Their Families and Caregivers

Czapska, Asia | MPH | Indigenous Peoples and HIV Testing: A Rapid Review

Elliott, Kate | MPH | Embracing Our Future: Aboriginal Youth Skills and Training Report

Friesen, Allegra | BA | Empowering People through Physical Ability

Fung, Solomon | MPH | Support Smoke Free Policy in a Health Authority.

Graham, Sandra | MPH | Framework for Promoting Mental Health within School Settings

Head-Petersen, Nick | MPH | Health Equity Impact Assessment: Manitoulin Central Family Health Team Special Needs Program

Jones, Michelle | MPH | Improving Health through Community Planning: An Analysis of the District of Squamish Official Community Plan

Kissinger, Sara | MPH | Aboriginal Knowledge and Ways of Knowing Resources: Environmental Scan

Kuwert, Elyse | BA | Reviewing Sexual Health Literature for Newcomers to Canada

Lawrence, Brittany | MPH | Towards Health Equity: Organizational Self-Assessment for Indigenous Cultural Competency at Interior Health, An Evaluation Rubric

Machnee, Farrah | BA | Tobacco Advocacy

Magnus, Samantha | MPH | Analysis of the Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI)

Mason, Amanda | BA | Health Promotion for Older Adults

McKivett, Candace | BA | Strong and Resilient: Creating Trusting Relationships in Health Research

McLaughlin, Kirstin | MPH | “Take Home Naloxone” from the Emergency Department: a Pilot Evaluation Proposal

McLelan, Anna | BA | Lack of Resources for Siblings with Disabilities

McQuillan, Laura | MPH | Health Inequities Among First Nations Communities: Identifying Indicators

Mills, Megan | MPH | Evaluation Framework for the Alcohol Sense Social Marketing Campaign

Moffatt, Shannon | MPH | Pediatric Dental Health Strategies: Island Health

Moore, Kirsten | MPH | Developing Accessibility Policy for Small Non-Profit Organizations

Murray, Alex | BA | Non-Verbal Communication

Muth, Emily | MPH | School-Based Healthy-Eating Program in Fort Smith NT: Evaluation Plan Development

Palmer, Kathy | MPH | Comprehensive School Health & the Public Health Professional Role: Process Evaluation Proposal

Parent, Stephanie | MPH | Preventing Workplace Transmission of TB - Arts-Based Approach with South African Healthcare Workers

Paul, Susie | MPH | Island Health Food Security Program: Evaluation Proposal

Pearson, Cara | MPH | Health Promotion in Palliative Care: Scoping Review

Penner, Patricia | MPH | Model for Shared Child Health Clinic Immunization Appointments

Philip, Leanne | BA | Home and Community Care: Evaluating “My Health Plan”

Ruddick, Kristen | MPH | Early Childhood Development Clinical Care Pathway for PHNs

Russell, Griffin | MPH | Reducing Overdose Deaths from Fentanyl in Nanaimo

Sojo, Alexandra | MPH | 2015 Canada Winter Games: Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Policy and Analysis

Sowinski, Kathleen | MPH | Veterinary Outreach Care as a Tool for Client Engagement in Smoking Cessation

Taylor, Jennifer | MPH | Business Case for Centralized Immunization Bookings

Urquhart, Anne-Marie | BA | Building Relationships and Capacity with LGBTQ2S Youth

Weiss, Leah | BA | Volunteer Research: Recruiting Youth Survey Participants

Yusufzai, Angeza | MPH | Integrating Health Equity into Practice: Logic Model and Monitoring Plan