Dr. Richard Marcy

Dr. Richard Marcy
Assistant Professor

PhD (University of Oklahoma), MS, BA


sabbat. 1 Jul-30 Jun 2018

Office: HSD A370

Professional Information & Research Interests

Professional Information

Richard T. Marcy is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the School of Public Administration, University of Victoria. He has expertise in leadership, creativity, and social innovation. He has authored or coauthored a number of publications on these topics, to include: Breaking Mental Models as a form of Creative Destruction: The Role of Leader Cognition in Radical Social Innovations (Leadership Quarterly); Not Only What, But How: The Role of Expertise in Developing Public Sector Leadership (Routledge); and Social Innovation: Enhancing creative performance through casual analysis (Creativity Research Journal).

His current research is focused on the strategic leadership and radical social innovation of non-violent, avant-garde groups, such as those within the Alt Right and New Right, from a political, cultural, and psychological perspective. As part of community service, Richard is also conducting research on employment for adults on the Autism Spectrum.

Before coming to the University of Victoria, Richard was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). He has also held positions with Capgemini Consulting and the United States Marine Corps. He holds a B.A. in Media Study from SUNY Buffalo, and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma.

Full CV

Research Interests

  • Public and Non-Profit Sector Leadership and Management
  • Cognition in Organizations
  • Social Innovation
  • Non-violent avant-gardes on the Left and Right
  • Autism and Employment

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Lindquist, E.V. & Marcy, R.T. (2016).  The competing values framework: implications for strategic leadership, change and learning in public organizations.  International Journal of Public Leadership.
  • Marcy, R.T. (2015).  Breaking Mental Models as a Form of Creative Destruction: The Role of Leader Cognition in Radical Social Innovations.  The Leadership Quarterly, 26 (3), 370-385.
  • Kligyte, V., Marcy, R. T., Waples, E. P., Sevier, S. T., Godfrey, E. S., Mumford, M. D., & Hougen, D. F. (2008). Application of a sensemaking approach to ethics training for physical sciences and engineering. Science and Engineering Ethics, 14(2), 251-278.
  • Marcy, R.T., & Mumford, M.D. (2007).  Social innovation: Enhancing creative performance through causal analysis.  Creativity Research Journal 19 (2-3), 123-140.

Books, Chapters, Monographs

  • Marcy, R.T. & Berze, O. (2016). Public Sector Leaders as Early Detectors of Crises: The Role of Mental Models, Expertise, and Development. In Galavan, R. and Sund, K.J. (Eds.), New Horizons in Managerial and Organizational Cognition. London, England: Emerald.
  • Marcy, R. T. (2015). Not Only What, But How: The Role of Expertise in Developing Public Sector Leadership. In D. Alexander and J. M. Lewis (Eds.), Making policy decisions: Expertise, skills and experience. London, England: Routledge.
  • Mumford, M. D., Blair, C., & Marcy, R. T. (2006).  Alternative knowledge structures in creative thought: Schema, associations, and cases.  In J. Kaufman & J. Baer (Eds.), Creativity and Reason in Development (pp. 117-136).  Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.
  • Mumford, M. D., Licuanan, B., Marcy, R. T., Dailey, L., and Blair, C. (2006). Political Tactics – Getting Ahead:  How charismatic, ideological, and pragmatic leaders use influence tactics. In M. D. Mumford (Ed.), Development in pathways to outstanding leadership: A comparative analysis of charismatic, ideological, and pragmatic leadership. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum Press.

Other Publications (book reviews, reports, etc)

  • Marcy, R.T., Gentry, W.A., & McKinnon, R. (2008).  Thinking straight: New strategies are needed for ethical leadership.  Leadership in Action 28 (3), 3-7.
  • Kligyte, V., Marcy, R. T., Sevier, S. T., Godfrey, E. S., Beaton, M. G., Mumford, M. D., Foster, M. W., & Hougen, D. F. (2007, July). Development and evaluation of a work practices approach for ethics education in science and engineering. Norman, OK: Year two technical report for the National Science Foundation (NSF), Contract No. SES 0529910

Grants & Awards

  • Scholarly Conference and Artistic Performance Travel Grant, 2012
  • Lew Wentz Graduate and Law Scholarship, 2005

Recent Speaking Engagements & Event Participation

Paper, Lectures, Addresses

  • Marcy, R.T. (2016, September). Back to the Future? Revisiting Leaders of 20th Century Social Utopian Art Movements for Lessons on Leading for Social Change. Conference paper presentation at 8th Art of Management and Organization Conference at IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia.
  • Marcy, R.T. & D‘Erman, V.J. (2016, May). The European ‘New Right’ as Radical Social Innovation. Conference paper presentation at Crisis and (re)Definition: Exploring the impacts of the 2008 global financial crisis on pan-Europeanism, nationalism, and political identity in the European Union and North America conference at University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.
  • Marcy, R.T. (2015, October). Breaking Mental Models as a form of Creative Destruction: The Role of Leader Cognition in Radical Social Innovations. Conference paper presentation at SoLS Leadership Conference 2015 at Royal Roads University, Victoria, B.C.
  • Marcy, R.T. & Berze, O. (2015, June). Public Sector Leaders as Early Detectors of Crises: Institutions, Individuals, and Development. Conference paper presentation at Academy of Management’s “Frontiers in Managerial and Organizational Cognition Conference” at Roskilde University, Denmark.
  • Marcy, R. T. (2013, April).  Public Sector Leader Cognition: A Review of the Benefits and Limitations of Expertise in a Public Sector Context. Conference paper presentation at IRSPM 2013, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Marcy, R. T. (2012, April).  Contradictions in Public Sector Leadership Development: Taking stock and looking ahead. Speaking engagement at IRSPM 2012, Rome, Italy.
  • Marcy, R. T. (2012, February). Desire, Ethics, and Public Sector Leadership: The role of influence in a sustainable society. Keynote speaker for BC Ministry of Environment’s Environmental Protection Division (EPD) conference, “Vision of the Future: Influencing Behavioural Change”, Victoria, B.C.
  • Marcy, R. T. (2011, June). Between Variables of Crisis and Long-Term CertaintyImproving the Identification of Emergent Turbulence in Public Organizations.  Invited workshop member and paper presented for Working Group 3 (“The forms, processes, tools, techniques and technologies of strategic management in and of public organizations and services”).  7th TAD (Transatlantic Dialogue) on the Strategic Management of Public Organizations.   Newark, NJ.

Courses Taught

  • ADMN 312: Managing in Public and Non-Profit Organizations
  • ADMN 507: Public Sector Leadership: Teams, Self and Organization
  • ADMN 530: Increasing Organizational Effectiveness
  • ADMN 577: Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • ADMN 607: Organizational Behaviour and Analysis
  • CD 502: Leadership in an Interdependent World
  • CD 510: Leadership, Management and Governance within Organizations
  • PADR 504: Public Sector Leadership and Management

Professional Appointments & Memberships

  • International Leadership Association
  • Academy of Management
  • Institute of Public Administration of Canada
  • Canadian Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Behavioral Science & Policy Association

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