Dr. Thea Vakil

Dr. Thea Vakil
Adjunct Associate Professor

PhD (Victoria), MA, BA

Professional Information & Research Interests

Professional Information

Thea Vakil is interested in broad management issues such as organizational effectiveness in government and the non profit sector, human resource management, organizational design and managing change. She also takes an interest in the development and implementation of public policy, the creation and maintenance of the public policy agenda and government reform.

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Research Interests

  • The design and maintenance of competent organizations
  • The structure and functioning of government and the non-profit sector
  • Principles and values in public administration

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Vakil, T. (2005) “An exploratory Model for Studying Rhetorical Strategies during Organizational Change”. Variegations, 2, (72-83).

Books, Chapters, Monographs

  • Alhaus, C., & Vakil, T. "Political Transitions: Opportunities to Renegotiate the Public Service Bargain". Canadian Public Administration/Administration publique du Canada, accepted for publication.
  • Lindquist, E., & Vakil, T. "Government Transitions, Leadership Succession, and Executive Turnover in British Columbia, 1996-2006". In Deputy Ministers in Canada: Comparative and Jurisdictional Perspectives, in press
  • Vakil, T. (2009) “Planning for Organizing and Results”. In V. Murray (Ed.) Management of Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations in Canada (2nd Ed), (pp. 301-330). Markham, LexisNexis.
  • Vakil, T. (1997) "Bringing Health Closer to Home: Reform in British Columbia" in R. Ford & D. Zussman (Ed), Alternative Service Delivery: Transcending Boundaries (pp. 188-195). Toronto: Institute of Public Administration of Canada.

Grants & Awards

  • Commerce Students' Society Faculty Award of Excellence, 2004
  • Human and Social Development Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, 2002

Recent Speaking Engagements & Event Participation

Paper, Lectures, Addresses

  • Vakil, T. (May, 2001) “Trends in Policy Instruments: Design and Use in an E-literature Society” Institute of Public Administration of Canada “Exploring the E-Frontier”, Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Vakil, T. (August, 2000) “Mobilizing Policy Expertise by Managing Knowledge” Institute of Public Administration Canada “IPAC 3000”, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Courses Taught

  • ADMN 407: Managing Service Delivery
  • ADMN 422: Ethical Public Management
  • ADMN 437: Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement
  • ADMN 502a: Research Design: Critical Appraisal of Information
  • ADMN 507: Public Sector Leadership: Teams, Self and Organizaton
  • ADMN 520: Managing Complex Policy Issues
  • ADMN 530: Increasing Organizational Effectiveness: Working with consultants
  • ADMN 531: Strategic Human Resource Management
  • ADMN 556: The Public Policy Process
  • ADMN 577: Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • ADMN 580: Qualitative Evaluations Methods and Applications
  • ADMN 621: Policy and Program Evaluation and Performance
  • ADMN 645: Organizational Change and Development
  • CD 504: Practices and Perspectives on Forging Change
  • CD 517: Leverage Points for Transformational Change
  • CD 524: Organizational and Community Development
  • DR 515: Research Methods
  • DR 520: Applied Research Seminar