Lindsay Tedds explains how we're losing track of the original tax reform problem

Dr. Lindsay Tedds speaks to the CBC's Aaron Wherry about Bill Morneau's tax reforms and how the issues are being conveyed to the public.

"But amid all these soundbites, tax-planning theories and pizza analogies, it is easy to forget what issue Trudeau and Morneau are supposed to be addressing: that a growing number of people are — in Morneau's words on July 18 — "essentially using a private corporation as a tax advantaged personal savings account."

But there are other ways to address that issue, says Lindsay Tedds, an economist at the University of Victoria.

The problem, she says, is that the finance department's consultation document did a poor job of documenting the problem and conveying it to the public. 

'Had they first focused on the problem rather than their proposed solutions we would likely be having a much saner and more productive conversation.'"