Picking up the Pieces: the Post US Election Arena

International Education Week (IEW) is celebrated worldwide every third week of November. This year the week spanned November 14-18, 2016. The Canadian Bureau for International Education states: "IEW will showcase the impact that international education has in preparing Canadians for the world and supports Canada's efforts to engage effectively on the international stage. It is a reflection of the spirit of cooperation and collaboration among various stakeholders across Canada to join forces to highlight the importance of international education."

The Office of Global Engagement hosted a variety of free workshops and events throughout the week. On Thursday November 17th, Dr. Kim Speers was a panelist along with Dr. Michael Prince, Lansdowne Professor of Social Policy, and Dr. Janni Aragon, from Political Science, for a discussion about "Picking up the Pieces: the Post US Election Arena". Kim's topic was "campaign tactics and the implications for Canada and the Canadian political scene."

Picking up the Pieces