Dr. Tamara Krawchenko: Linking Indigenous Communities with Regional Development

Dr. Tamara Krawchenko—lead author and project manager of the OECD report Linking Indigenous Communities with Regional Developmentparticipated in the launch of the report in Wendake First Nation Quebec January 22-23 2020. The Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation is an international organisation with 36 member countries that works to build better policies for better lives. It is the premier international forum for work on regional development.

This report stems from a long engagement process, with the leadership and participation of several Indigenous communities and organizations from across Canada. The study focuses on four priority issues to maximise the potential of Indigenous economies in Canada. First, improving the quality of the statistical framework and the inclusion of Indigenous peoples in the governance of data. Second, measures to improve the fairness and transparency for how Indigenous peoples can secure land tenure and the use of tools and such as land use planning to use it to promote community economic development. Third, promoting entrepreneurship so Indigenous peoples can use assets and resources in ways that align with their objectives for development. Fourth, implementing an approach to governance that adapts policies to places, and empowers Indigenous institutions and communities.

This work is part of a broader global thematic project on this topic—the first international study of its kind focussing on Indigenous entrepreneurship and economic development and regional development.