Dialogue on Climate Change Update

Transforming our societies and economies away from a reliance on fossil fuels is one of the greatest public policy challenges of our time. The School of Public Administration together with IPAC-Victoria were pleased to host a Dialogue for Climate Solutions on November 18th, 2019 which brought together experts, policy professionals and the public to discuss a range of policy solutions to the climate crisis.

Dr. Christopher Kennedy (Civil Engineering, University of Victoria) presented a broad overview of the range of technical and policy based solutions that exist to tackle the pressing need to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Following this, three local solutions to climate crisis were profiled. Mr. Fraser Work (Director, Engineering & Public Works) spoke about the City of Victoria’s many initiatives including energy efficiency and building more livable and walkable communities. Mr. Hurrian Peyman (Senior Economic Analyst, Climate Action Secretariat) shared the Government of BCs strategies to reduce industrial emissions. Mr. Andrew Moore (Solar Project Director) shared key lessons from T’Sou-ke Nation’s inspiring solar project. Dr. Kara Shaw (Environmental Studies, University of Victoria) rounded off the event by bringing it all together – offering final remarks on the key climate solutions and what it takes to implement them. Participants brainstormed solutions and mapped out strategies for action on climate change.

This is the first of a series of talks to be organised by IPAC-Victoria and the School of Public Administration. For updates on future events and subscription to the mailing list please contact