Budd Hall, new book "Knowledge and Engagement"

The UNESCO Chair in Community Based Research & Social Responsibility in Higher Education is pleased to present it’s next open access publication; an e-book titled Knowledge & Engagement: Building Capacity for the Next Generation of Community Based Researchers.

Congratulations to Budd Hall, co-editor with Rajesh Tandon, Walter Lepore (SPA PhD candidate) and Wafa Singh.

This book summarizes the main findings of a global study titled ‘Building the Next Generation of Community-Based Researchers’ (a.k.a. the Next Gen project), funded by the Social Science and Human Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). The overall objective of the Next Gen project was to increase access to high quality training in Community-Based Research (CBR) within higher education institutions (HEIs) and civil society organizations (CSOs). This project aimed to understand the current state-of-the art in pedagogies and strategies for building CBR capacities, and to work towards the strengthening of the existing training fieldwork and the theoretical and curricular content on participatory research within and outside the academia.

It outlines a number of important trends, approaches and challenges in the field of training the next generation of researchers in CBR; through a comparative analysis of 21 institutional case studies of CBR training providers from around the world. The book also includes the results of a global survey of training CBR in HEIs & CSOs. With over 40 contributing authors from all around the world, this is the first book of its kind, which represents a collective effort to bring many note-worthy aspects within one umbrella (i.e. ‘Community Based Research’), analyze the current scenario and training opportunities, and provide recommendations with regard to what can be done in the best possible manner.

You can access the book at: http://unescochair-cbrsr.org/pdf/resource/Knowledge%20&%20Engagement_26-09-16_pdf%20ver-mail.pdf
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