Public administration mentors take students under their wing

In May 2018, with assistance from UVic's Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization unit, the School of Public Administration launched its Mentorship Program linking Master’s students with professionals from across the sector. A meet and greet event at the University Club was the first opportunity for graduate students to meet and brake the ice with their public administration mentors.

The School of Public Administration’s mentorship program is designed to connect students to experienced practitioners who have worked in public sector organizations in federal, provincial, Indigenous, non profit, and local areas.

Mentoring is positively associated with career success. Most importantly, mentors can have a very positive influence on the development of your skills, style, and ability to solve problems as well as advising on the types of opportunities that may benefit your personal and career development.

The purpose of the mentorship program is to encourage students to develop an in-depth relationship with people who have been in top leadership positions in public administration. This should help in identifying trends and opportunities in various areas of government and non-profits but also guidance in navigating careers in these areas.

For further information, contact:
Dr. Bart Cunningham ( or Dr. Kim Speers ( with the School of Public Administration.