Public Policy and Governance Dialogue Series

Wednesday April 16, 2014: Dr. David Zussman (Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Public Sector Management, Faculty of Social Sciences and Tefler School of Management, University of Ottawa) will explore the transition process of a newly elected political party moving from the status of Opposition to Government. This is a grand opportunity to better understand how government works during a crucial point in its life cycle.
Government Transitions: Beyond the Handover of Power – What Happens Behind the Scenes?

Friday April 4, 2014: Dr. Tim Stockwell (Director, Centre for Addictions Research of BC, Co-Leader of the BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network, and Professor in UVic's Department of Psychology) will explore BC's Liquor Control and Licensing Amendment Act (2014) and its implications for health and safety.
Beer Gardens and Grocery Store Liquor Retail: How will BC’s Upcoming Liquor Reforms Impact our Health and Safety?