Congratulations to Jennifer Kroeker-Hall and Diana Campbell for their recent academic successes

Congratulations to Jennifer Kroeker-Hall PhD (c) and Diana Campbell PhD (c) for their recent academic successes working with Dr. Bart Cunningham on research related to older workers. Jennifer and Diana conducted a study, in collaboration with Dr. Cunningham, focusing on motivation in older workers within the context of an aging workforce. The purpose of this study was to develop a better understanding of how older workers pursue goals which enhance their well-being during their career and as they respond to life span and interpersonal issues. The research focused on understanding the meaning of work for people who have retired and then transitioned back into the workforce.

As a result of this research, our two PhD candidates in Public Administration presented a paper at the Western Academy of Management in March 2015. Subsequently, they jointly authored a book chapter with Dr. Cunningham which was recently published in the book entitled The Multi-generational and Aging Workforce published by Edward Elgar (see below). Their chapter was entitled "Motivational goals and competencies of older workers who re-engaged in the workforce".

They found that many people indicated they wanted to work to make a difference and contribute to society. Participants had no sense of stopping working given their generally higher levels of satisfaction. In almost every case, their sense of self provided a definition of who they were; balanced, engaged and staying relevant with connections to other people younger, peers and older workers. This study suggests that a number of competencies are related to work motivation and adjusting to changes during later adulthood.

These successes have motivated Jennifer and Diana to continue taking advantage of research and publication opportunities!

The Multi-generational and Aging Workforce